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Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 10, 2008

Way for blog advertise by Atomic Email Hunter Portable

Want to advertise for people to see the same message on the blog, use programs Atomic Email Hunter Portable (2.09 Mb storage).
The Atomic Email Hunter Portable can be downloaded here, will help find mail addresses on the Internet for people to make new acquaintances. The program has friendly interface with the ability to search for mail addresses is very strong. Once downloaded, unpacked and then you run the program, go to Settings> Common Setting ...
Card Connection> judge selected Follow instructions in "robots.txt" and the Advanced tab, select the type Priority spidering Links> OK to enhance the ability to filter email address.
Next, go to Settings> Search Engines> judge selected Google and Smart Search (recommended) to speed up the ability to scan through the program to take advantage of the support of the search engine greatest strength is Google.
Search for email addresses from web
Go to File> Search on site> in line where to Address Site Search by Keyword, complete address want to get mail address, then remove "Editorial Calendar" in line "Keywords to search for e-mail addresses"> OK> NO.
The program will scan conducted on the site to get filtered mail addresses. If you've seen enough e-mail address that the program did not stop, you press Ctrl T to stop the search.
Then, you enter Results> Save to file ... > Click Browse icon> select seats save> naming files, then select the type All e-mail addresses print a one line> OK. Will create a file containing all the email address that the program is to find your disposal option.
Search for email addresses in files
If there is one in which files have email addresses, you can also ask Atomic Email Hunter Portable filter out by households to File> Search printed list This> From File> select files want to filter e-mail address> Open> OK and wait a few seconds is.
Advanced features you can set to Atomic Email Hunter Portable only to find the email addresses to match themselves with the use of Yahoo services, or the address of the mail VNN, ... by pressing keys Advanced> Hunting limitation item, select All Link> Hunting depth Level entries, selected 20. Then, fill out the necessary information in accordance with you into cells remaining> Hunt line, you enter a web address in and then hit the Start Hunt> OK to start the search

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