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Thứ Hai, 17 tháng 11, 2008

Hide Navbar's Blogger to remove Google's Ad

Hide Navbar's Blogger to remove Google's Ad
Blogger has just started implementing strategies of advertising its services free blog. This never happened and who also think Google will never for display ads, but it did not happen when the ads have started to be present throughout most of the blogs using their services.

Usually this ad will show on the area where the Navbar from the previous hours often for the default icons such as Dashboard, or New Post Customize and these ads will appear random, not permanent, the you rarely see it. However, the screen below will illustrate this problem:

According to the terms stipulated in Blogger site TOS (Terms of Service) then Google does not specify that you should be required to Navbar displayed when using the service should hide the Navbar is not breaking the law.

There are many ways to hide the Navbar, however many procedure has failed, though a procedure that is quite different, or that Aditya has also deployed to help you hide Navbar effectively.

You log into your blogger, LAYOUT> EDIT HTML. Find the and paste the code below immediately after the paragraph that:

/* By Aditya
———————————————– */
div.navbar {

Follow these steps. It can be applied to any template that you are using:

1. In the Layout> Edit HTML in your dashboard Blogger.
2. To find the card that contains this line:
3. Immediately before this card, you add a script follows:

#navbar-iframe {

4. Then Save Changes are completed.

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