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Thứ Ba, 4 tháng 11, 2008

Tool Helps Check NoFollow or DoFollow of a Blog

Increase Pagerank is always one of the criteria that many blogger want to decide when to exchange or logo links to other blog sites with a common purpose. However, the exchange is only effective when you have the page links in the state must "dofollow", not "nofollow". It can be placed on the "nofollow" to make more traffic, though if you set goals to increase the PR way not effective.

However, not a blogger will check the sites you exchange links with the status "dofollow" or not? Immediately blogviet also never know because low-level IT poor, though there are tools help you check if it is "do" or "no" to know whether or not there should be exchanged with that page.

Moreover, many blogger including Advonline also take advantage of the blog comments on the other mode "dofollow" to earn more backlink needed help increase your PR higher. However, advonline comments not only set goals is to get backlink that is sometimes expressed a sense of the article and also the way their exchange to find solutions for themselves. Learning is always a good thing that!
If no knowledge of code or a low level of IT as his then you use the feature Nofollow / Dofollow use Firefox addon called NoDoFollow.

This feature will help you distinguish what was the page "by" and what was the "no" by showing the different colors such as blue / red.

You can Download this tool to install FireFox to help check feature Nofollow / Dofollow of a website.
Once installed, you must restart Firefox to install this feature to work effectively. Once installed, you try to access a website and right click to any positions and choose to boot NoDoFollow this feature.

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