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Thứ Hai, 1 tháng 12, 2008


Currently, you are now invested much time and effort to create a website, you want to make sure people find it. How do I achieve it?

Search engine ranking content like?

When you find something on the Internet, you can go to search (search) and your favorite type a few keywords. Then you can select the right site first shown in the list and find in it as if it had provided the information you want. Position of each site in this list depends on the "ranking" for its search engine.

Most search engine ranking a site based on location and the occurrence frequency of keywords on that page compared to the keyword typed into the search box. Advanced often find the location of the keywords in the web page title, keywords in meta tags (meta tag), the text displayed on the page and description (description) of meta tags.

Some tips to help improve the ranking of your site on search

Each search engine has analyzed how the keyword's position and calculate the rate or a different site. However, there are some general tips that you can use for your site achieve the appropriate position in the list of ranked search engine.

Think that you've created a title describing your site, and that page has a few first paragraphs containing keywords you think people will use to find this information. A few extra steps can help make sure people find your website:
- Create a description for the site and add it to your meta tags in your homepage.
- Create a list of keywords for the website (also written web site) of you and add it as the meta tags on your homepage.
- Meta tags you've added your site.
- Subscribe to your site with a search engine.

Meta tags provide information

Meta tags as a kind of special HTML tag that it provides information on your site but not shown to visitors page. Meta tags provide information such as: who created the page, the level regularly update any size, the site says about something, and keywords describing the content of the page.

Many search using meta tags to the (index up) to the website (keywords that meta tag) and then display described in the search results (description meta tag).

Note: Not all search engine supports meta tags. And also remember that a search supported meta tags have not really use them to increase the ranking of a site. Search site often links to the information and how it uses information such as how the meta tags.

Create description (description) for your site

Think a summary describing the content of your site and it will crack your target audience to view your page. Each search engine will have a different limit for the number of characters in the description displayed in search results. The limit is usually from 150 to 395 characters, therefore, under which you limit your description.

Add the meta description on your homepage

To add the meta description on your site, in Page View mode do the following:

(Note: Description below is a perform the instructions when you use Front Page / FrontPage to design web)

1. In the File menu select Properties and click the Custom tab.
2. Under User Variables, click Add.
3. In the Name box, type description.
4. In the Value box, type the description for your site.
5. Click OK twice

Create a list of keywords for your web site

When you select a keyword list, please always remember that the audiences you want to attract and from which they will often go into the search engine to find information (what web site you have provided).

List of keywords you should include few forms and plurals of nouns, some synonyms, and even abbreviations accurate, the order of them. Advanced ignore the capitalization / often. The whole meta tags should contain less than 1,024 characters.

Add the meta tag to your homepage

(Note: Description below is a perform the instructions when you use Front Page / FrontPage to design web)

In the Page view, you do the following:

1. In the File menu, click Properties, and click Custom tab.
2. Under User Variables, click Add.
3. In the Name box, type the keywords.
4. In the Value box, type the keyword index for your site, use a comma to separate words.
5. Click OK twice.

Some tips for description and the meta tag

Tip Description meta tags (description)

- Milling summary should content your site.
- Displays describe the limit from 150 to 395 characters in the search.

Tip Keywords meta tags (keywords)

- Including small number of forms and plurals of nouns
- Including several synonyms
- Including abbreviations
- List the words in order of importance
- The capitalization from being ignored
- All cards must contain less than 1,024 characters

Analyze your meta tags

Before you post your site on search, you may also want to see the final results to make sure that you have to use the meta effective. Let's that you correct spelling, title, content and data in meta tags on your site must work together to create the site was easy to find.

Register your site with search engine

Once you've added a description and keywords to your website, and has analyzed the meta tags to make sure that you have to use them correctly / relevant, you are ready at the last step: registration sites you onto one or more search. Register your site is very easy, quick and something you can use on the Internet.

Read Registering your FrontPage-based Web site with Search Engines for information on how to register your site.

You can also use the Submit It! Site Search Engine Optimization & Submissions are available at the site Microsoft Small Business Center to register the address of your URL to hundreds of search and directory to assess the search tips.

For information on how to Submit (send registration) your site, use meta tags, location and speed up your website, visit websites Search Engine Watch. You'll also find tips Submit to search, list search,

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