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Thứ Sáu, 5 tháng 12, 2008

Website registered in the Internet directory (Internet Directory)

Listed in the directory internet is extremely necessary because of the large folder with a wide range of visitors - and defaults, your website will also be many people see.

Directory internet is practically the search engine (Search Engine) managed by the man with bone with meat. The editor of the internet folder manually compiled all the registration link. Listed in the directory internet is extremely necessary because of the large folder with a wide range of visitors - and defaults, your website will also be many people see. Moreover, if you are listed in the directory, the largest Crawler, robots, spiders of the Search Engine will prefer to find your website, and automatically put into your website directory of it free.


You should prepare thoroughly before you register your site to any folder internet do. The preparation is that you need to compose a description of your site with the official from under 25. Part of this description should integrate into the 2-3 key phrase is important that you hope it found by Search Engine system.

If you have enough time, let's concentrate on research to find out what keywords or key clauses from the best (or search) for their websites, rather than sitting guess then put "university" to register .

One thing to note is a description website, you will not be added to those questions, sáo empty words and the heavy "marketing". Therefore, if you want to sell shoes and want to find the phrase related as "fitness shoes", "running shoes" should be written description honestly as follows:
Specializing in selling all kinds of fitness shoes, running shoes, boots and shoes of different fashion.
If you write a description of your site form:
Shops footwear fashion of the world's largest, cheapest price with the brand's most popular.
Then surely the editors of the directory will be internet hate, and you sure situation be excluded from the list of them!
Sign up to the directory Yahoo!
Each time you visit a search site, while next to the Search currently on the words "Power by Yahoo!" Means that you are using the system's search Yahoo! But most results were removed from the directory of it. The typical co machine owned by Yahoo! Or dependent on technology and search directory Yahoo! As Altavista, Alltheweb, Overture and Inktomi.
Yahoo has 2 registration options: "Standard" you sign up for free and "Yahoo Express" is the option to pay service fees
Anyone can register for free to Yahoo in the list of non-profit (non-Commercial). you'll easily know if the list is non-profit, because when you try to enroll in a category that, Yahoo will immediately take you to the options "Express".
why you must re-payment for yahoo when you can subscribe to the directory for free? Simply because, if you have paid, time your website available in Yahoo's directory will quickly fold several times (from 48 hours). While if you do not pay, you sign up for free is not a guarantee of what you will be present in its directory. If there is reasonable, it is also a long time after your new record in the category, but the meaning of the presence is also not very high.

The registration of your site to a list of non-profit can be approved if Yahoo as the possibility that, the content you do not subscribe to mention commercial or advertising and marketing. For example, if you have a business page sports shoes, home is just full of shoes and prices, can your site will not be accepted. But if the site, you make a few pages to advising clients on their choice of sport shoes appropriate, to benefit the health of the page you are again very welcome.

In the commercial category, Yahoo sites required to pay USD 299 per year for a subscription service Express. However, not necessarily that you have closed the fees Yahoo will list your website immediately, but within 7 days time, Yahoo will let you know you have listed in the directory of it or not. However, the absolute majority of cases, Yahoo is approved. If you're approved, then every following each year, you have to pay again for next year. However, you check in the early years, the number of visitors that Yahoo's directory that gives you that corresponds to the amount you spent or not. If found not effective, you have the right to refuse to pay, and of course, your website also been named bricks from the list of Yahoo!

But with the access traces (of Search Engine such as robots, spiders, crawlers), then why? Registration sites listed in Yahoo's directory because you hope the spiders will be highly appreciated your website, but now you are no longer listed in the directory of Yahoo, the more affordable, the system also traces to stamp you died ? Do not worry too! The system traces access will continue to list your website. This time, the ratings are not based on whether you get listed in Yahoo's directory or not. Bởi vì, sau một năm tồn tại, bạn đã có nhiều site link đến mình - điều này có nghĩa là việc không còn được liệt kê trong thư mục của Yahoo không ảnh hưởng gì nhiều đến vị trí xếp hạng của bạn. If financing a narrow, you can brave broker with a directory of Yahoo and register again when you see extremely necessary.

The cost to pay annually for Yahoo only apply to the commercial category. If you register your site to list non-profit, then your website will be listed permanently that no longer have to pay a regular basis every year. However, you should read the terms before signing up to avoid regrets later.

But how do I subscribe to Yahoo's directory? Very simple: if you subscribe to a folder non-profit, you simply go to Directory, click "Suggest A Site" appear at the top right corner of the screen. An input box appears for you to enter information. That's it.

If you sign up for pay, you do not need to choose correctly on a list to display. Instead, you simply click on this link. Editor of Yahoo will select the appropriate category to help you. Your job is to simply fill out the necessary information.

The above instructions only just enough to let you be listed in Yahoo's directory. If you jump and see that necessary, any application of these instructions. Certainly, it will bring immediate effect for you. However, if there is enough time, you should prepare more thoroughly before signing up websites to service this important.

To be sure, you should choose a service to advertise their websites to help make their business registration sites in Yahoo's directory because they have experience, have skills, relationships and conditions of payment online ( pay by credit card).

Registration sites in the ODP (Open Directory Project)

The project folder open - ODP ( is built on the basis of free and voluntary (one of the free service the best of Netscape). This folder is seen as an essential option for most of the Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, AOL, A9, HotBot ...). Because of this, is listed in ODP is necessary - vital for all websites!
Good news for the ODP you are completely free! Also the most depressing news for you is that you never received information confirming you've signed up to the ODP and for how long, then your website will be listed.
To subscribe to the ODP, you select the appropriate category for your site, then select "Suggest A Site" on the right screen. Complete information in accordance with the instruction of the ODP. That's it. If approved, you will see their sites appear within 3 weeks. If not, you must register again.
Just as you subscribe to the Yahoo directory, before enrolling in ODP directories (Dmoz), you should thoroughly research the needs of the sites themselves, must simultaneously read that section carefully the instructions of the ODP - if 99% is not you will be excluded from it

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