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Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 1, 2009

How to create a backlink by Google Alerts

Building Backlinks is actually one of the Internet Marketing, but set a backlink to where effective because they can not link back to the big performance for the purpose of you are to click to your website.

So you have to search for blog / website related content on the site for players to "put the relationship backlink. Job search is to chán for most webmasters and had to do to save time, avoid spread man. Here are some tools and tips to make it less easy than slightly. I am a member of several forums on the Internet.

Google Alerts
This is a free program by Google to allow you to update any subject (topic) are available on the Website. You the keyword (keywords) or "URLs" and Google will notify you via email link message whenever that keyword on the web. topic contained in the topic you chose to be present in all places on the Web
This is a very great to be continuously informed of the domain or your name. Also really perfect to update the latest position in your market. This is also a good way to find out if other people are saying about you or your site.
About Domain: For example, I create 1 Alert with the keyword "solution webportal" and requested to receive email Alert frequency 1 week / times. Every weekend is to report on the Google site-related keywords webportal solution to my game and join the discussion at that site.
An example of exploitation of the site with the same theme: If you have a site about "Internet Marketing" then you should create a Google Alert with different keywords such as Internet marketing, online marketing, eMarketing, Online Marketing, Electronic Marketing ... Google will notify you via email whenever a link of the content (content) related to the keywords appear on the worldwide Web.

Is a great way to update * niche, but also as a source of value to connect with potential partners. Many of the blog link is to allow comments included a link to connect to your site.

Google Alerts can be sent to you 10-20 links each day, it depends whether you choose keywords are not common. You try to blog / link, and whether you should leave a few more reviews information value related to the topics being discussed or not.

Do not spam
The main goal of our traffic is achieved has proposed to his site and any link PR is only ranked 2nd only.
Always put customers (viewers) to advance, especially if you're on site by someone else. Do not say anything about your site or work your marketing - should participate in the games, more reviews, opinions, recommendations, sharing knowledge ...
Help improve the site and other rewards they give you is a traffic and road links. But you still have to keep balance concerns yourself! Make sure that you have your keywords in the string that links

Keyword Market
First, if you have the complete, keyword of you must have the domain name or URL then. It is a more "keyword" + "instructions" to your signature. For example: Company name, address, phone number, ... If you are a specialist in a specific niche, there are many webmasters ái body welcome the review and link your only.

For the purpose of your traffic, you can not interested people will attribute set "no follow" link attached to or not. But if you're concerned about this, you can check by complete copy of the source to the page text editor and then search for "no follow" very simple.

No follow
Here's a small free or fairly called "Comment Kahuna" co-created by Jason Potash. This tool will search blogs and inform you whether they attribute "no follow" no, you will PageRank of each message on the blog.

Although No follow affect the construction of your backlink, however, you still should consider creating a link to the site "nofollow" if it has content related to your site. Generally you need to set a link to mixed sites related to increase your rank. Must also remember that search engines can not respected under "no follow".

Also, make Trackbacks are a way to connect to more information related to each other. Remember that a Trackback simply a notification via a signal from a site (start site) to site B (receiving site). When the site is usually set to receive a link to connect to a site showing the value of the site A.

Implies the quality of the blog or link structure is more connected. With Trackback Tể you have targeted traffic should not exceed the critical link that "no follow" not because visitors interested only see that they can find useful information after clicking the link not only

The connectivity options other
As we are about building up the link, an effective way to create a backlink to Google or Google Blog Search. Now if you want to find blogs related to niche just type:
"Tag", "powered by (blog scripts))"

For example, if you're looking for some link related to "Internet marketing" on the gig's website, you need to find "SEO", "Search engine submission," ... And Google will give you the full list of Internet marketing sites.

Now if you want to find a link to allow comments, type the command to search Google "Internet Marketing" "SEO", "Search engine submission," ...

If you're concerned about PageRank, the number of Backlinks, Alexa Ranking on .... the specific message you down and install the plugin SEOQuake. Convenient tools can attach to your browser and will provide useful information about the link, or the link you are viewing.

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