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Thứ Sáu, 31 tháng 7, 2009

Rules of advertising on the Internet

Advertising outside the network (offline) will be greater than advertising on the network (online)
On the site today carry Banner ads, image blinks, colorful to the eye. But a real problem with those operating the site on the Internet front speakers have the opportunity to get rich quick money through ads, then to failure on the road by themselves. Many people believe that Internet advertising skyrocketing and will bring more revenue. Information with them! Internet will become a media first unruled by advertising. The reason is simple: Internet impact interactions.
On the Internet, the user role actively, not the owner of media. Users decide where they will see something, read what? The Internet users watch ad, an intrusion into private space, a violation life from their own. The survey showed that number of the cursor to activate the ad on the Internet has been a decrease steadily.
Brand name on the Internet must bear or forgotten by the people in two ways:
Firstly, the brand name on Itnernet not appear daily in the place it is easily seen as the road, supermarkets ... A brand on the Internet can not appear suddenly in front of customers unless they actively open it. Monday, a brand on the Internet under the lack of esteem by customers. Some people really love you the trademarks that they use, but most is not so.

If you want to build brands on the Internet then forget trying to attract ads to your site going!
You have to do is turn your site into a source of information that potential customers can not find in the other, or a place to sell things not available elsewhere, or with rates no where with, or gives them a satisfaction that they can not find elsewhere.
Do not have to upload the ad to appear in the press or on radio, television on your site. The Internet is a media revolutionary, it is through the impact with users. And in general, when having ads on the Internet, people will disable it.
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