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Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 7, 2009

The secret to become a successful Blogger

1 to become successful blogger is not simple - you must have the passion, time, effort and the patience. It was for one reason nhunh on which there are many blog blogger stopped playing after only a few months Writing. For the professional blogger, in addition to the factors above, but their efforts and to invest a lot of time and effort by you. Therefore, the tools and utilities below will hopefully help to any who want to become a successful blogger 1, including personal blogs and blog monetization.
The platform free blog

There are many blogging platform free for everyone. The registration and installation is easy and fast. Can be included several popular blogging platforms and multiple users such as Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal and Vox. The platform provides the tools blogger blogging, custom interface and content management are totSelf-Hosted Blogging (professional)

This is the choice of the professional blogger, by installing the platform writing blog on your host. With this option, the blogger can directly customize the interface and easy management features that are not limited to services as long as there have been phi.Sau host and domain name, you can download the software package management content free for the blogging, Movable Type, TypePad and Loudblog to start the installation. This process does not take too much time but related to technical 1 billion, if you encounter problems you can search on Google or Bing for the documentation in more detail.

Theme and Widget for blog

Blogging for familiar platforms like Wordpress, Blogger or Squarespace, a custom theme relatively easily without the user must master the concept of programming. There are thousands of free theme for Wordpress and Blogger use (self blog host), you simply download the theme and use. The theme is usually designed very well, support user customized easily if there is little knowledge of PHP or CSS.

Widgets and plugins is the part of a blog. They help make blogger blog more lively, the interaction with users and it is important to help raise more blog traffic, such as plugins or Widget displays message dissemination, and recent comments ... You can be programmed to download the plugin or on the network. Reference 12 website to help you download the widget useful blog.

Promote blog:

The stage has finished the initial installation, but this process takes quite a long time but very important. It helps the blogger have 1 firm foundation to continue the process. Now the next need to do is oriented writing, the topics you most knowledgeable. You do not need to be too greedy, just write what you love and interest, be sure that there will be a number of readers interested in your post.
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