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Chủ Nhật, 23 tháng 8, 2009

Video ads in newspapers

Video ads will be first released on the American magazine Entertainment in September. This new technique of the ultra-thin screen, small screen size of mobile phones, rechargeable batteries can be. Video clips stored in the chip (chip cards like music) and activate the report page is turned over. Each chip can store up to 40 minute video.

The first chip is expected from the programs from CBS television network's show America and operates Pepsi ads. Video ads will appear on the copies of the magazine Entertainment on 18-9 was released in Los Angeles and New York.

This is not the first advertisers to experiment on digital magazines. Last year, Esquire, a magazine for men, used the technique to cover e-ink display alternate patterns. Electronic ink is a technique used in electronic books Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle.

Americhip, a company developing video-in-print (with the newspaper in), also created in technical journals impact many different senses, including taste.
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