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Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 10, 2009

Gmail added new features Check e-mail

Do not forget there is a feature Bob and Got the wrong Bob? help users avoid mistakes and do not forget to send the e-mail matter.
Got the wrong with Bob? Gmail will prompt when you enter an incorrect e-mail (Gmail automatically checks based on the address that you would normally communicate). Do not forget to Bob, Gmail will suggest addresses that send you or contact you as friends, family ... while you are composing new messages.
To activate the second feature, users need to log into Gmail, click Settings> Labs. Then two features Enable Do not forget Bob and Got the wrong Bob?
A quick Google Docs
Previously, each receiving a link containing the document from Google Docs, you must click on the link to create a window to view the documents inside. Now Google Docs feature previews, you can simplify this task within your mail browser window.

This is a very convenient feature for users, similar to the preview Youtube, Picasa and Flickr that Gmail has been provided. To activate this feature, users log into Gmail, click Settings> Labs. Then the option Enable Google Docs previews.
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