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Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 11, 2009

10 free tools for bloggers

Primary service Twitter blog is one social network "hot" one today. Number of users increases vụt debris and if you have used them is indispensable 10 free tools for bloggers.
1. Twitterfeed - This is a great tool to help update the information from the feed and automatically tweet on Twitter.

2. Tweetdeck - This is software you can track all information on twitter account right on your desktop beloved. Can be used on Linux, iPhone, Windows ..

3. Twitpic - As a service to share photos online to interact with Twitter, images after upload here will be automatically posted to your Twitter account.

4. Tweetmeme Button-This is an application for blog / website, this application will add the article to Tweet button to posts via your TweetMeme.

5. Twitter Counter - A widget to insert on the blog / website for showing people Follower-following you.

6. Wickett Twitter Widget - a plugin for wordpress, which feature displays links you tweet.

7. Twitter Search Widget-A widget official Tweet Twitter helps show that you have set up link search.

8. Twibbon - Helping you add an icon in the fun of your twitter avatar. You can access the website and sign Twibbon with your Twitter account, then find an icon you like best and click the button to start the insertion support

9. Twitterberry - Helps you track Twitter on mobile BlackBerry.

10. Twitbin - An add-on for firefox help you track Tweet - Follower firefox browser.
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