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Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 11, 2009

Mozilla released Firefox version 3,6 Beta

Mozilla has released the first beta version of Firefox June 3, this is the upgrade is expected to release later this year.
Test version was released two weeks later than expected because developers had to fix some errors during the final stages, including an error arising last week is planning to make this version delayed several days. March 6 Firefox pretty much changed from the version released on March 5 Firefox in July 2009, in addition to most of the components have been hidden, including the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine feedback.
One new feature that users can identify the support area for skin Mozilla Personas were removed, and will send alerts to users when they visit a site using plug - in expiration, as the Adobe Flash Player or Apple QuickTime.

A warning is only one of the measures that Mozilla has done in two months to reduce the number of users easily become targeted for not upgrading third-party plug-in. In early September, Mozilla has integrated a plug-in Checking for version 3.0.14 Firefox 3.5.3 and Firefox, will automatically detect the Flash Player version expired and prompt the user to upgrade to new version one for the more secure.

Since then, Mozilla has added a page on the company's website where users can check the manual many other plug-in to detect the version has expired. Also June 3 Beta version of Firefox will display a warning when it is called a required plug-in has expired, a warning is the following text: "Some plug-ins used by this page are out of date" (Some plug-in to use this page has expired).
June 3 Beta Firefox also supports Aero Peak and the ability to preview image is on the Taskbar of Windows 7.

Since now all versions of the browser application will provide the ability to preview images when the user is moving between the open tabs with Ctr-Tab key combination, but by default this feature is disabled out of the session Firefox Beta test version June 3rd. To activate it, users will have to edit configuration files by typing about: config in the address bar and navigate to "browser.ctrlTab.previews" and double click on it to change the value to true. Then users will have to restart Firefox to apply this change.

Mozilla warned users that the beta version several add-on, the extension is that many people use Firefox for the most interesting feature, not compatible in the experimental version. To force an add-on work with the beta version, Beltzner recommends downloading and installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter.

Mozilla has posted a description of changes made in Firefox that many Website developers and applications interest.

Mozilla has not decided to introduce the method used when the official version was released. Some people, including Beltzner, the method supporting type security updates, while others want to use a method more clearly, make such offers to upgrade that Mozilla has applied to the version before.

Although the appearance of Firefox June 3 without significant changes, but Mozilla intends to improve the user interface in Firefox version July 3, planned release in the first half of 2010, and completed the upgrade of Firefox version 4.0, is planned to release in late 2010.

The user has used one experimental version cuaFirefox can automatically upgrade to Firefox Beta 3 June. Other users can download Firefox Beta 3 June to 46 copies of 46 different languages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at Mozilla's website.
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