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Thứ Sáu, 4 tháng 12, 2009

Google and Yahoo cooperate with social networking

Yahoo has declared a starting hand with Facebook to serve the user, the search giant offers online next cake did not testify, public planning "link friendly" with Facebook and Twitter.

Yahoo has decided to allow its use services such as email, sharing photos and other products online direct link to the content and activities into their Facebook, social networking sites on the top world through technology Facebook Connect. Yahoo said it expected to start this new plan in the first half of 2010
Immediately, yesterday, Google responded by updating new features allow all sites using Google Friend Connect can be accessed via Twitter login user.

The new dynamics that both Yahoo and Google are increasingly recognized the impact level of the large social networking sites.

Vice-President in charge of Yahoo's community, Jim Stoneham confirmed the expansion of linkages is a strategic step to continue to make Yahoo the company's Web site becomes more open, providing social and close to the more personal.

Yahoo has announced a new relationship between firms to Facebook and more advanced one step further, by automatically transferring activities to other websites such as Yahoo's Flickr photo sharing on the Facebook News Feed feature.
Facebook Facebook Connect service is the village last year. This technology allows 350 million users of Facebook users login and password to access the site as well as update the web activity, sharing information with friends on the Internet. Users of Facebook Connect is not registered account at other websites that can make comments in the website
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