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Thứ Sáu, 11 tháng 12, 2009

SEO - the cheapest online marketing, effective

Compared to Google Adwords ads and banner ads, SEO more efficient in cost and are more reliable.
SEO, short term optimal search results (search engine optimization), is how to make websites rank high in the list of search results with keyword targeting. For example, a news site on the land, if made good SEO, when users search for information related to the soil, the content of the pages it will be up first in search results.
Processing site to "copy" on Google
World is about 263 search engines, the most popular Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Site search results Google has two parts: the natural search results on the left and the site as sponsored links on the right. The right is for customers who sign up advertising services Google AdWords keyword
Section on the left show the results of the natural market for SEO. The international survey shows about 70% of search results pages too see all the first, 97% do not see the search results page to 3. So, if you do good SEO will increase the traffic from search sites.
SEO How?
Google currently has about 200 criteria to determine a keyword will stand where the results of their search. In particular, Google just announced a number of conditions and hidden about 30-50% of the criteria important. That gap created opportunities for companies to professional SEO services
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