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Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 8, 2010

Social networks: the path to online business success

Social networking sites can also help businesses grow. With 250 million users of Facebook every day, equivalent to two thirds of Internet users to the social networking sites daily, the industry may doan see how the business is an untapped useful ons. Some companies have established MySpace pages and Facebook with the aim of attracting as many customers as possible. A good example is Dell, with its own Facebook page includes a product of social media firm for small businesses. In addition, users can become fans of this company on the Facebook page, or may engage in other social networks are associated with different businesses.

Along with creating a social networking site, companies can also add items or items other communities, where users can contribute their ideas, communication, writing on their Web sites. This is really an effective way for users, because they can communicate with each other, increasing the number of pages visited. Not only that, this way also helps companies, businesses may be looking for talent for your company. Some companies find good employees through social networks and hire writers like Jay Busbee, a NASCAR blogger, who edits the blog pages of Yahoo Sports In The Marbles.

The media can also use social networking sites to assist the news media is hot. Twitter has proven to be a hot site effectively communicate information. Past January, a Twitter user was first published information about the horrific crash on the Hudson River, New York. Bombings in Jakarta, Indonesia was first reported based on Twitter, as well as information about the sudden death of his royal pop Michael Jackson was also spread on the Internet thanks to your blog service.

In modern day life, businesses often rely on the World Wide Web for business. With a very large number of Internet users accessing social networking sites, this is probably the most compelling reasons for enterprises to participate in decisions as well as strengthening for the development of social networks. You yourself can also use social networks to cater to their work than they use to communicate with friends and relatives. Just remember, not only friends can see your social networking page. I wish you get success!
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