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Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 8, 2008

AdBux Membership Exceeds 900,000…

AdBux has now exceeded more than 900,000 members! While this is great news for AdBux, it’s even better news for our members! Not only has our membership base swelled to over 900,000 but, our advertiser base is growing as well. With more advertisers comes the opportunity to earn more points!

In addition, we’ll be launching Video Watch! Video Watch is for those who enjoy watching online videos and video snippets. In short, AdBux members will be presented with videos from around the globe and can earn points watching and rating online videos that interest them. The only requirement is that you select videos that are of interest to you and offer up your rating!

The next great thing on the horizon are coupons! Manufacturer’s will be offering coupons on AdBux later this year! In addition, we’ll be offering a shopping portal which will offer cash back on purchases. With the holidays around the corner, you’ll be shopping online anyway and you might as well earn points back on your purchases.

Please update your payment address for PayPal. Yes, we are now going to do a trial run with using PayPal for point redemption. In order to update your payment address, click on the Profile tab and simply insert your PayPal address.

On your stats page, you will discover that to the right of your stats, we are now displaying news, links to specific offers and of course, the AdBux Blog. Keep yourself updated by simply logging in and checking your stats page daily!

The AdBux Support Team!
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