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Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 10, 2008


Snap Shots allows site owners to make editorial decisions about what enhanced content to display and then to deploy it as easily as creating a hyperlink. This leads to greater visitor satisfaction and a satisfied visitor is more likely to come back.
  • Snap Shots can automatically change their content to match linked content – the iPod wiki entry is very different than the iPod product page which is very different than the AAPL stock chart.
  • VideoShots and AudioShots save space on your website by not requiring you to embed large images to trigger videos and audio.
  • Snap Shots are effective when you link to articles from the same source - differences (i.e. headlines and pictures) are easier to perceive once within a repeating pattern (i.e page design).
  • Snap Shots work well on blog rolls and text-heavy directory or results pages.
  • Snap Shots can help fight link rot and reduce the number of trips to such pages.
  • New! Make money with Snap Shares™, our new program that lets you use a portion of our ad inventory to display ads where you get the revenue. Alternatively, you can choose to write your own ad, or donate the space to charity. Read about Snap Shares™ here.
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