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Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 10, 2008

Earn Money With Tool MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads is a tool to sell advertising money or introducing people to join the networks make money is very effective. As it appears right on top of the page and do not take the area of the blog site and you can show how many links the Ref option. This tool is very effective and even John Chow also use it to discontinue that ads.
You just download the tool MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads on computer, extract and upload onto the directory / wp-contents/plugin /, then you log in to Wordpress and Activate it as another plugin.
If you are new users and has not registered after the Activate, you need to enter your name and e-mail and on their Register, then there will be an e-mail sent to Activation email and you click on links and then back to log in to wordpress. MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads will appear in the Settings in WordPress nhé. You click on the word MBP Stripe Ads will appear the following:
You can type the name (title) a referral should then judge the path and a box set and links Weight depending on the importance of each link. If you want to do important links the Weight and set the default is 1.
If you set the Weight it will appear more often.
You can set the color and text and should position the word out to suit their interests and their gam with the color of his blog again.
Advanced features that you can use:
* Create text, the invisible links in this tool
* Select Weight to increase density of each show links to you is important
* Edit color to suit each different blog
* Choose your way to show the link, fixed on the top of the blog or run up and down when you re mouse
* Advertising links referral, or links to their products or selling links that you are participating to make money.

MaxBlogPress not just a tool ads.

Do not think that this tool just a means to help you advertise ! But also more!.

In addition to the features they have listed above, you can also use MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads on the following purposes:

* Attract attention to each message, page or a contest that you are looking to promote.
* Report on the terms of blog and the privacy policy ....
* The heat needs of its members note
* Welcome the new members, donors or call for new funding or even encourage you to read the registration of the RSS blog after his visit them at 3 times or more.

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