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Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 10, 2008

The failure jerky when blogging

The error uncomfortable but common cause blog is not looking for anyone interested in reading, but sometimes the employer also does not know.

Do not comment in blog

You will be uncomfortable to do if nhuong read an interesting article, but want to comment .. comment section (comments) have been shut down? Worse, you ham ho type a few lines of comments, but when you click "send" to be filled requires an email address or .. registered as members services. In Viet Nam, Yahoo! 360 is the exception of the home, people who use Yahoo Messenger to chat, so few people attention to the importance of the item comments. But if a transfer from Y! 360 to services, especially the blog services in the country, you need to ensure that "new home" allows readers "Chit chat" with their easily.

'Copy "from another blog

The blogger too lazy to write but like wandering on the network are often forgotten "carrying" items other people on his blog. But in many cases, more than blogger "be original" message on the "forgotten" take the name of the author, trust "in the network does know who you are." Some other blogger "picked fast" and "fry cook" them into original content, then names himself as the author. How this can overshadow the reader a period of time, but they will quickly fall un blog if discovered the truth.

Insert stuffed too many links in the article

Some blog "clones"-style journalism "half season", put stuffing dozens of links to sites, forums and so on. to increase heavy for their posts. Unfortunately, no one enough time and patience to follow the path all that - a few sentences short summary that is more than enough.

Lodging Appeals mi bad currency

Blogger has experience always know balanced layout for "the hard" his
Many young blogger trying to insert stuffed numerous font strange eyes, the wallpaper blog loud and very much confused, smiling ram into the blog, making wallpaper and letters mixed. This blog format can attract young people "blow their news", but do most of the rest uncomfortable. Not the random blogger famous select background color is black, text color concrete am calm, with font sizes larger than normal a little.

"I am too busy today, do not have any new posts"

In fact, blogs do not necessarily have steadily - blogger but also a life separate from the busy biu. But if you write a really Entry only to "the transparency" makes the reader to see and "short of joy", you are objectionable to readers.

life from on blog

This is often the news too personally not interested in someone, like "I go to buy new shoes, I go to buy new clothes". Blog focused only personal information meaningless as the'll never have the reader (of course, except you only write entertainment without other people interested in what he posts).

Blog RSS is not available or any way to update the article any other convenient

Tools RSS news readers are more users still perfect, even now browser Firefox also has the ability to identify RSS feed automatically. If you invest blogging instead of writing lan man, the first need to do is to help readers updated information on the "home" his easily.

Blogger "no name does not age"

Not everyone's like writing in the comments, especially if the blog is written in the direction of updating information continuously, or believe in depth. The news "most" will bring readers to-blogger journalists through Yahoo Messenger nicknames placed on the blog. The exchange of opinions have the most value will come from the person's email read.
The experience is only useful on the blogger wrote many articles provide information to readers, instead of writing for yourself "xa stressed" or only for relatives, friends and so on. You absolutely can if they phot lo ... there is no demand renovation blog, or do not want the product of their spirit be known to many people!

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