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Thứ Tư, 1 tháng 10, 2008

Way to increace targeted traffic of web or blog

How Do People Find Your Site?

  • by keyword search on search engines

    SE traffic and directory listings are partially profitable for AdSense participants. They mix targeted traffic and bystanders, thus, although not all traffic sent to your page will be “productive”, there'll still be some visitors interested to click on your ads.

  • by coming across links on pages/sites that are related to your theme. These are likely to bring mostly targeted traffic.

So, make your site findable by:

  • keyword optimization, good Meta description tag, title tag, header tags, optimized ALT tags applied to images (on-page SEO techniques)
  • link building (off-page SEO technique) — you benefit doubly from this: more people are likely to find you more easily on other sites and you get higher PR (Google™'s PR algorithm takes into account a site's link popularity, on condition they are relevant links) obtaining thus better SERP positioning.
Attracting Targeted Traffic
  1. Provide good, relevant content, keep your visitor interested. Maintaining high targeted traffic means not adding just anything to your web site, but focus on your particular niche of interest. Update frequently, give readers reasons to come back.
  2. Promoting your site by means of a PPC program (AdWords and Overture) is probably the most effective way to increase targeted traffic. You benefit twice: visitors who come on your site are really interested in the subject you deal with, besides, they are "pre-qualified clickers" -- there is the theory according to which visitors coming thru a click will leave also by clicking on an ad.
  3. A functional site will serve you right. When a visitor sees at a glance the whole mechanism and has a clear image of what he can find and how, it's for sure an invitation to navigate through your site. This is a great way to increase the number of impressions.
    Good design and functionality include:
    • an uncomplicated homepage, relevant for the site. Your homepage is your visiting card. Learn to make your site more appealing by using your homepage; for example, put a blurb here whenever you add something new.
    • the site is easy to navigate
    • the text is easily readable by its format — paragraphs, bolds attracting attention
    • easily findable information
    • pages load easily
    • put a menu of links on each page and pay a great deal of attention at the links labeling. A good choice of words will entice your readers to click on the links you want them to — the ones with the highest paying potential. (words like “free” or “download” are still good “charmers”)
  4. Contribute to forums and blogs. Popularize your work widely, highlighting the benefits it offers to the reader.
  5. Write free short articles demonstrating you have something valuable to say and create the opportunity to place links to your site.
  6. Use RSS feeds to attract new visitors to your site. You can promote your work by sharing headlines and articles with other sites.
  7. Create your own affiliate program or participate in advertising programs such as AdWords or Overture. Place your ads on sites and pay a comission to webmasters according to your agreement (payment can be Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead).
  8. Other techniques used to attract visitors, such as giving away free stuff (downloads, coupons, discounts), running contests and promoting them might work, but not to an extraordinary extent, in as far as CTR improvement is concerned.
  9. The idea of granting awards for excellent sites in your niche seems a good one, for it will bring you not only links but it will work wonders for your image: establishing you as an expert and building credibility.

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