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Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 10, 2008

Merge addresses of sites 1 Address shortened

In the process of using the Internet, will have the time you need to share for friends and relatives of their web addresses many different 1 at the same address as the photos, all the clips ... or you just 1 want to remember the series of your favorite sites to be able to access anywhere, instead of relying on the browser's bookmarks. Han will take a lot of time to copy and paste, then, the recipient will have to make sure the wall each link if there is intention to visit the next time. However, 1 simple and effective than many, it is Collectively all the links it to form 1 Road links short and easy to remember more. Shrink2One will help you do it.
Shrink2One is a free service, allows you to combine multiple addresses into the web page 1 Road links extremely simple and easy to remember. Now, rather than have to remember many more links to access the web, you just remember only 1 Road links to short a lot more.
To use the service, you simply visit the site, electrical address of the site you want to share, put the title site in the New Title and enter your password to access the Password (password actually required). Finally, click on Shrik Now.
The service will provide you with new links after shortened, along with the list of sites selected for Thumbnail images of each site. You simply click on individual links or on each photo to access the site on the list.
Finally, you simply copy the link shortened to share it with your friends (accompanied by your password if the above steps you have set up password protection), or we can also use this method to access to your favorite sites as if in 1 is a new computer, does not contain a list of available bookmarks on your browser.

A simple method but extremely effective.

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