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Thứ Sáu, 10 tháng 10, 2008

Yahoo released tools to analyze new web

Yahoo declared analytical web new airline was officially added to the experiment may provide for site management and reporting charts continuously update the information as related sales, traffic ...

Jitendra Kavathekar - Vice President of Yahoo - tools, said web released this time is based on platform technology that has been carried through to buy back "IndexTools" replied April last.

"Tools that we introduced to the market this time can help the business e-commerce, site management, advertising and development has been rated the best all the strategies they are applied use ".

He declared Kavathekar analytical website of Yahoo completely different compared with other similar tools are available in the market.

Specifically, other tools always viewed to report data after about 24-48 hours clock and data collection. Meanwhile, Yahoo's tools fully reflect the changes going on in every minute. Whereby users with tools that can better evaluate the performance of ad campaigns and allow them to have modified timely.

Second, Yahoo's tools store data in the form of original and not viewed in the form of reports on a certain type as in other tools. Whereby users can completely make a report at the request own very easily.

Finally, Yahoo also integrates more features "drag-and-drop" tool for analyzing this website to help bring convenient for users to build reports, quickly built a model for resolving a request arising ...

He said Kavathekar analytical web will be gradually tested at each stage vary from about now until early next year. 13,000 customers using the service Yahoo Small Business will be the first to participate in testing this instruments of Yahoo.

In addition, Yahoo will also be expected to provide new tools for advertisers who wish to attract more customers object is a small retail sites. As for the development of applications independent member network of Yahoo Developer Network will have access free of charge with the API function tools of this new application.

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