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Chủ Nhật, 7 tháng 12, 2008

Decision keywords for the site

Options and make the tag is a difficult step in designing web pages. If the web page and the back of you do not contain relevant keywords, visitors will not be able to find you through search engines use keywords to the site.
The formula then you need quite difficult to locate the terms popular and relevant to your site. The term can also have that may not be the terms that you feel are relevant terms. Terms optimization for a site should be terms that a potential customer will use when potential search sites your content.

To be successful, then your site must be optimized with terms and phrases that describe and relate to your content, and received a large number of people searching. Obviously you want to find terms and phrases, less competition and therefore your page will be ranked higher in search engines is important.

In short, these keywords are relevant and popular with people searching and not a competitor is to use shortcuts to success. Market saturation with sites competing tools should be very difficult to find the most effective keyword. Sometimes better to optimize for terms less popular if it is a term to focus more visitors because it may be the ratio of success higher in terms of popularity but less specific.

The first step to determine the keyword is listed terms and phrases reasonable and related products and services you. This work should be done by a number of individual, sometimes people have the idea of search is very different and classified by a variety of terms and their search you may have been necessary at that you can not think of that. There are also many tools cheap or free on the Internet allows you to expand and research terms have been considering. Results vary depending on type of tool, but above all they are known to help direct the search keywords to focus on where.

These tools also generally supported the pay-per-click, create support keyword expansion and related, or the phrase could be used to. To check the logs to see what terms customers use to find web pages, please visited the site of the opponents and check the back of them for extra terms. Then use the dictionary to find the meaning of the term involved, including those keywords are spelled wrong in the back of you and create all types of business and verbs, including the format and plurals.

Keyword tool:

Here are some tools will help this process easier:

Tumbler keyword: take the keyword phrases existence and Essential them into many variations and then rearrange. This tool allows you to build keyword list just wide in a few seconds

The Drowser: an analytical report over the Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Sandbox, Keyword Harvesterr, Google Adwords, tools to optimize your Google Adwords.

Word tracker: help you select keyword ads on the network to properly support the ratings and tool set your search. Use Wordtracker to find keywords. Marketing is ranked web search engine, and it starts with the keyword web marketing accordingly. Get keyword reports and information marketing site for free.

Keyword Suggestion Tool: a small tool that will only give you an answer to those questions from two tool Wordtracker and Overture, since it helps you decide what the phrase or the search. Enter a search phrase and see if it is to find how often and get instructions to change course from the other.

Keyword Ranking Tool: can be used to check search engine ranking keywords and track the ranking search engine for keywords that different as you may already know it is hard to perform optimization of search.

Overture Keyword Tool: provide the list of phrases related to any phrase you entered. Tools include a total of the number of times the phrase is looking for.

Topword Tool: a free tool on the network to analyze a site complete and count the number of keywords appear equal to or more than the number has been installed in Minimum Occurences. It provides a list of keywords and keyword phrases that have the ability to rank high ranking on search engine key. It also analyzes the description / keywords after your card title and then through the color palette will let you word or phrase which should get.

Google Suggestion: a new tool for web browsers. When you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions on time. This is similar to that dialog "Did you mean?" Google will make the tag flexibility to your question after searching. For example, you type "bass", Google Suggest can make a list include "bass fishing" or "bass guitar". Similarly, if you type only a part of the word, like "progr," Google Suggest might offer suggestions as "Programming", "Programming language", "progesterone" or "progressive". You can choose one by scrolling up and down the list with arrows or mouse. Tools also raised the number of searches for a word or phrase specific.

Keyword statistics provided to a web browser approach in what people think of access to the network. When you may need to match effort between your marketing with the ways in which customers find what they inspiration on the Internet, potential customers will run you like to comment on behalf o

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