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Thứ Hai, 8 tháng 12, 2008

Techniques to optimize a website for you

The search engine must be able to find what your website shows. If they can not find what your website shows it will not be able to help you achieve high ranking with keywords specified.

Processing in order to optimize the site to help the search engine can quickly find what your website can now be called Search Engine Optimization (SEO is the acronym).

Other important components of the site

At present, with many tools designed and programmed the web, you will easily get a website with language: ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, Java, or just a normal HTML page. However, even if you web programming language to do more, a site still need to have the elements of the same. These elements are placed in the HTML code of your site. The decision to use components this website how can make your site achieve results higher or lower in rank. This article can help you optimize all elements related to the sites they promote the most effective help for the search of the search engine easy one.


The title of a web page is the text lies in the following HTML: title ...
/ title>. For example: Title title> your site / title>
Other Search Engines such as Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista, Alltheweb special importance this HTML tags. The words title (Title) even more important than all the keywords and description tags. When visitors enter a keyword or keyword clauses, the first, the search engine above to use the arts search on all headline of all sites in its directory . If detected find keywords or phrases appear in the headline of this site does, the search engine will take priority these results up front.

Keywords meta tags :

Keywords meta tags are identified where the words, phrases course the most important of the sites you for a client will use to search (to find your site). It is located on the card: head> ... head> of the HTML code in your site.
For example: meta name = "keywords that" Content = "keyword 1, keyword 2, ...">
Options are good keywords is an important factor leading to any site want to get results ranked higher. Most search engine to find sites through word or phrase defined courses. For example, your site to advertise goods for the kitchen gas keywords can be "gas stove", "gas stove", "kitchen gas price for Excellent ".... should not use single keywords, for instance, as "kitchen", "ga", "Re", ... because those keywords to be the support of the Search Engines - not to mention that keyword as short as many, more and more popular how much the war competition to win your position as committed Go this much. Tips are taken from the search engine that you should use the keyword or keyword clauses have 3 or more from

Description meta tags - the description:

Description meta tags is the place for you to describe what your site would like to express a shareholders best, most concise. There are a number of search engine displays describe this line below the search results. That means you can impact on search results through the editorial section that best describes this.
For example: meta name = "Description" Content = "The description of your site.
Some websites want to attract the attention of Internet access, in addition to always located in ranking first in the search results, the description must be good, attractive and rich sense of sympathy. Many businesses - especially foreign enterprises often hire a specialist excellent written description for your site. This is the part shown below each title search results.
Description Meta tags are the Search Engines note added to the directory Index of them. If a site programmed strong, beautiful but lack the Meta Description, it is very difficult to get the search results improved, because when visitors go to the line Search of a search engine from any one of the key result, hundreds, thousands, even millions of results found. With psychology of the people, whether something immediately extinguishing eyes, but if it's a lack of attractive, is not it also curious if it may not be everyone nhom ngo. Thus, even if your site is listed in the first line, but with one line description leaving rubbish, gawk, fears the lack of book also will have them one click your links! Other Search Engines know this so we encourage the sites where their lines described short, concise but must be fully vault meaning and rich emotions. This is really hard work, not many people do. In short, your website need a very descriptive tags (Meta Description tag) made a good premise for subscribing to the Search Engines later.

Text body - Content:

As part of the content is visible when you open the site with a browser. It does not contain the command line HTML or explanation. The text is tangible elements that the search engine can enter the list of search them. Text body components are extremely important for the arts search of the search engine. One example is easily found at the site you're reading this, the content you're viewing the Body text. The Search Engines especially important part of this - and this is also the most important part - vital elements of a site. If you have a good keyword; if you have a good description, if you have the title or the contents of text - Body text that do, poor lung and consolidating the results also are not using. For Search Engines, using the arts as Robot, Spider-time to find, sort, evaluate and directory for websites and the information collected is considered to be the most important is the content of text - Body Text. This is why the site has too many graphic images but has too little content documents are usually located in the ratings "under reference" in the search results from the Search Engines. Conversely, the site always be available to the top of the table lists the results are often the sites rich in content (text), image limitations. Typical for this example is the electronic page report. Many sites of this type do not even have the Meta Description, the Meta Keywords! Secret here is partly thanks to them have too much content written in the Body Text

There are a small note: If your website has been designed miss too many images, then combined with you to find ways to reduce the image illustrates, you need to add text content (as much as possible). Search Engines like the text and only text only.

The first line in the content:

The first line in the content is located sentence immediately after body> of HTML code in the site. Many search engine to the relationship in order to limit the search often shows the first sentence of this results in which they found. Some search engine used the first sentence of the text as the body section describes the result which it was found.

Note that the first sentence in the content is not necessarily the tangible part that viewers can see it. Decision to the design, and the first question can be placed anywhere within your site. The search engine believes that, although the first question lies the end of contents, the value of it still does not change, despite the current location of it.
For example: body> This is the first sentence. Part of this is not the first sentence.

Headlines - Top line, title, sections:

Headline, section H1 is the text is written between the: h1> ... h1 of lines of code in HTML web page. Many search engine to the standard search extended to get the text as part of display in search results. For example: h1> Content section line with suffering large / h1

The site also many other components anymore. Each component may affect results ranking of the site. These elements add to enter can be found at a site (known as the factors in site), ranked results also affected by external factors.
Therefore, we absolutely can impact on your site so that it is easily found by the Search Engines. That is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Make sure that you allow the Robots of the search engine and index your website: imagine that you are very difficult in the effort put your site on the Top 10 on the search engine.

Even a few weeks, your website is not listed in any search engine does. Then you start noticing that the spider (spider) and Robot search engine can not access sites because your site does not have a robots.txt flie, or write but the wrong parameters.

Make sure that the spiders of search engine can access your website:

The spider (spider) of the search engine does not have full control of the browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape Navigator. In fact, the Robot of the search engine using the programs like the browser text normal. They prefer to text, text, text and much more. They ignored the information contained in the image graphics, but they can read the description text (with the IMG ALT)

This means that the spider (spider) of the search engine can not use the browser technology to access your site. If the Web page you requested Flash, DHTML, Cookies, JavaScript, Java or password to access the page, then can the spider (spider) of the search engine will not only the number of your website.

Avoid special characters in your URL:

Most search engine problems when the number of Web pages if URLs contain the special characters. The special character later known as "Chan steps of the Search Engines spider":
Symbols (&), dollar signs ($), are the equal (=), percentage (%), marked asked (?)

These characteristics are often found in the dynamic Web pages. They signal the surf of the network search engine, they may have a ring of the unlimited possibilities for that page. That is why some search engine ignored Web site URLs that have the characteristics above.

Choose a hosting service web - hosting reliable and fast:

Your site needs to be saved by a network service reliability. In other words, the bad currency can happen when your server is down while a spider (spider) of the search engine trying and it just so. If your site does not respond when software programs of the search engine to visit your site, your site will not only be digitalized. Even more bad, if your website was only when the number of children and Spiderman (spider) of the search engine back to your site right on the server is down, you will be removed from the database of co search. Therefore, save your website on the server well, rarely been the problem is extremely important.

The program surfing the web search engine does not have much time to index and the site. There are approximately 4 - 6 billion Web pages in the world and the search engine index and want all of them. Thus, if the service of your website has a slow connection to the internet, you can, your site will not only be digitalized.

You also should limit their home with space of less than 60 KB. It is also the advantage when many users still connect to the Internet with a slow modem. Even for a person accidentally access to your website, the element of time to open a web site can make a difference: they can become customers, they could "not take a back again

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