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Thứ Năm, 11 tháng 12, 2008

How to increase the amount of site "hits"

If the operating site although new construction or in operation for many years, the first factor to solve your homework success is to appear on search.

According to statistics, average 61% of visitors to a site from a road leading results of the search, in which Google accounting for 41% of traffic. Therefore, companies stopped investing to bring their websites into position ranked high as possible in the search results pages and on industry established to optimize search engine (SEO) worth several billion USD.

However, there is no procedure to any specific site is the highest search results page exactly that only experienced professional looking for new solutions. The techniques and methods basically following will help those who get familiar with new playground SEO understand the process of handling the site search.

Optimizing keywords

Search system is inefficient if you do not define what should be optimized. Some enterprises selected keywords relevant to business line but that the upward more difficult for supermarkets Online with thousands of kinds of goods supplied different. Because of how to create search terms by shareholders and attractive to the website.

First, you should select terms related to business, but its also a lot of people use most often on search. The fastest way is that you use the tool designed courses available from the search engine to determine the terms useful. Google Keyword Tool and Tool SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool can make the relevant terms to help you complete the job quickly and accurately.

Use of the term will help optimize the search brought to the site for many visitors and vice versa using keywords without anyone may enter the search engine will then of course few people know about your home page. So let's careful selection keyword optimization to attract a lot of people are most concerned about.

Mark title and address each site

The experts acknowledge that the title marked a new core elements SEO. When placing the content, search often treats from appearing on the title browser and it is considered important factor on every page. Therefore, you should attach the title to the site by keyword unique. Like the name for the book that attractive to potential customers pay attention to.

Previously many people believe that the structure URL does not matter that only content on the new real necessity. However, computer searches have mechanisms reference keywords in the address, even keywords in the page. To follow this technique, many newspapers used the system put title with digits this switch to put the address in the message header

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