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Chủ Nhật, 14 tháng 12, 2008

Marketing by Landing page

Landing page or pages also known as jump pages or splash page, a site temporarily or have the ability to regularly jump into a web of when people use the Internet has just visited the site of. It usually appears as a pop-up and often have a content ad, a notice, a promotions or connections to other web pages.

In marketing activities on the Internet, Landing page are increasingly popular use. How to use this tool effectively? Michael Fleischner - an expert in marketing on the site looking for information with more than 12 years experience in the field of marketing, said that despite serving any purpose any (advertising, notices, promotions ...) then a destination only works when it leads people to surf the web action (purchase, use the services or follow the requirements that businesses set out the site). He raised seven secret below to help businesses achieve the goals mentioned above.

1. Create the title big, bold and relevant to their target customers.

If it does not cause the attention of customers with a title like this, make sure the remaining contents of the page "depends also be ignored. That is why businesses, the marketing experts often test several landing pages at once to view the page "depends what attracted people to use the Internet. Generally, these sites "depends on the judge properly the interests of customers will cause the most attention.

2. Use visual images, live to illustrate.

If customers have to read up both title and the title is secondary to understand who we offered what it can be difficult to drag them out further. Here, the visual images have a great effect in creating the attention of customers. Their images can transfer a message of business quickly as possible.

3. Use witnesses.

Consumers rarely buy products that have not been heard about that product, which tend to purchase by the introduction, encouraged by others, especially when purchasing on the Internet. The use of witnesses (through images, quoted speech, video, audio recording ...) will remove the tan concerns of new customers and the rumor from the outside of any business .

4. Up to use the word "free".

Make an offer to use the product or service is a free way is working well, causing customers to take action (participation promotions or simply provide some personal information such as name, e-mail address ... to businesses with the database do research, direct marketing).

5. Make offerings to conditions.

Should create the urgency of an offer in the "depends" by setting the limit of time. It's also possible to limit the number of people registered to become members or prescribe specific criteria for participation in a program promotion. Should view the test conditions to work how to potential customers to adjust to appropriate.

6. Giving a method of payment vary.

Some businesses are often only make a payment method for potential customers want to purchase products or its services. How this will make some customers feel comfortable and can be removed from the intention to purchase.

7. Test regularly.

The test regularly will help enterprises to draw the conclusion Landing page which is working well for the target customers, thereby improving the rate of potential customers converted into actual customers through the program more Market in the "depends". The experiment will also help enterprises better understanding of the trends that are also in the market.

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