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Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 12, 2008

Improve the quality of your site so that increase traffic

For your website to many people know as well as to attract more readers to more than visited - which is that the managers as well as investor sites for desired

In addition to the methods of marketing, promote normal, as a person responsible for the technical part, you will also be a site to help people develop more than if you comply with a number of suggestions follows:

1. Should not abuse too graphic images, the banner on a site by this will limit the speed of download and display web pages. Not everyone enough patience to wait, visitors may close the browser window your site to switch to a different page. If there are too many images on a web site, three or delete or move a few less things to a different page.

2. You should insert some elements into the following website: "About us", a short description of the company and products as well as goods business. You can also put some more detailed information personal about you and other employees. The "Contact" (Supply-mail address from, phone, fax, e-mail your company or your business), some "road link" to the site or the sites involved. In all the sites should contain a "search" to a visitor can find what they need.

3. Please provide some services for free on your website. You can provide electronic books, some popular software for free ... If you can provide with regularity in a cycle that you can keep guests return to the website.

4. You should define the specific colors for page background, text, active links, the links have been guests and click the link Url in the BODY tag. Most sites are designed with a white background, you can change the habit of trying this property with a different background color by, I read the content on a white background will make your eyes are uncomfortable tension and faster than gam with different colors calm.

5. At the Keyword Meta tags, please try to use words in both form and few more: for example, Internet Cafes, internet cafe. Should not repeat a keyword 3 times and should not be a keyword for the same serial each other.

6. In addition to the Meta keywords, you put a name for the title, the title of the page, image name, link, link in a professional and have many common words. Therefore, your site will be arranged in ranking high in the rankings of the pages provide search services. However, technology assessment for ranking points today based on both the content of paragraphs introduced - this is a measure to prevent fraudulent use in phases from the key of the website.

7. Try to keep the size of the site under capacity 32 kilobytes (kb). Always check grammar errors, spelling of the site before uploading on the server. When uploading is complete, thanks to friends, colleagues check, they also discovered other errors exist.

8. Check the link fails. You can check by hand or using software. The links to other websites were closed or sold often makes the link fails.

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