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Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 12, 2008

Protect your blog from copyer on internet

you will be angry if your articel shown in other blog unexpectedly, moreover it without inserting the resource. I'll show you how to protect your blog from theif. But this trcik is pointed for small thief because it unusefull for expert thief. With this trick, the thief will unable to select your articel and unable to right click in your blog. But if you don't care about plagiarize, you will don't need this trick. Ok lets begin.

Go to your blog setting then chose "Template --> Edit HTML". Find this code
then replace with this code

Now your blog will be disable selecting and righ click, but the thief can still steal your articel by select "views --> page source" menu from their browser or by pressing "Ctrl + u", they can see your source code and can copy the articel from it. To deceive this, put your mouce cursor before this code
then press "enter" button many times, may be about 100 times :D the save your editting . Now if they press "Ctrl + u" they will only see a litle codes, he..he.. :D

But remember this trick is only work for a fool thieves, for an expert thieves is unusable.
I don't use it into my blog because there are many script that have to be copied by readers.
According to blog of

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