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Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 12, 2008

Increase traffic by submitting to DMOZ

DMOZ is the open source directory, It's edited by humans, so there really isn't a way to "trick" it. However, It's a very prime piece of real estate to start getting your site( or blog) all over the internet.
many Search engines, directories and content farms use DMOZ's directory to make sure they are offering relevant content. . DMOZ's human editors will only approve website that have relevant content and are professional looking.
Read the submission terms at DMOZ before you submit your site, if you don’t comply, don’t bother submitting it. It can take up to 6 months to get approved because your site has to be seen by a human editor. Make sure your description of your site is accurate as well as they may just reject you instead of editing it.
Here ‘s a quik overview on how to get listed at DMOZ
+ Step One:
Determine whether a site is appropriate for submission to the ODP:
• Mirrored sites are not allowed
• Duplicate sites with different urls.
• Do not submit the same URL more than once –no cheating.
• No redirects
• No Illegal content, or any work that infringes on other’s intellectual property rights. No libel, or child pornography.
• No under construction site – finish your site before submission
• Submit to the appropriate “ language area”
• Submit pornography under the appropriate adult category.
• Don’t submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.
+ Step two:
Do a quick search in the directory to ensure that your site is not already listed.
+ Step three:
The most important part of your submission is finding the right” category” to place your submission in. Spend more time on this or your site will not be accepted. You should also be aware that several categories do not accept submissions.
+ Step four:
Once you’ve selected the best category for your site, go directly to that category on and then click “suggest URL”. You will need to enter some other information and it is your best interest to not turn this into an ads. Just who, what, where, when, why will do quite nicely.

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