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Thứ Năm, 1 tháng 1, 2009

Adding features marked geographic (Geotagging)

The group developed Google's Blogger has just added a new feature Geotagging (marked geographical), allowing blogger can add items to their posts the geographical point. Name the geographic displays in the area of the posts footer message form link (link) to the Google Maps page where readers can learn more about geography this point.
RSS support Geotags

The geographic point in Collectively always will be on the RSS and Atom Feeds of blog use technology GeoRSS (?) That it has been standardized for web-based Geotagging. It's important because it allows feed readers, and readers Map of the search may have access to your post because of the geographical point of this. For example, if you mark the geographic New York in your items, then this article may be easily found by users than when they search for content related to New York.

How to add Geotags Post

In all of the steps to create more Geotags, you have to manipulate the Blogger print Draft ( Because this feature is still experimental and has not yet been added on the main page blogger (

When you create or edit 1 message through print Blogger Draft, look to the left of the Label you'll see the Add Location link:
Type in geographic point in the Search Box, then click Search. You can search more precisely the geographical point by typing in more detail, such as Country, City, Street.

Once you've found the location necessary, you can zoom (Zoom) to see more accurate if you prefer. Save the last edition.

Important: 1 once more marked in geographical posts, you can not remove it

With 1 reason that you want to remove Geotag in the article, then the only way now is to copy the entire contents of those post 1 items new, and delete items out. This is not how much or however only now do so. The blogger also send feedback to the team that developed Blogger and require additional capabilities to Remove Geotag message, sure in the future it will be adding only.

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