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Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 1, 2009

10 reasons why Google Adsense only show the ads (PSA)

There are many reasons make your page appear only Adsense PSA (the ad), below is a list of common reasons:

1) The system of Google AdSense has not collected information all pages of your site.

All the information collected by Google Adsense need more time. If Google has not previously crawled your site, it may take up to 48 hours or longer before collecting the information they gather content from that page. In the meantime, the ads you see may be ads or PSAs ads only slightly related. The relevance will increase over time.
For your ad may appear soon as possible you should take your site to
Google search engine.

2) Your page may contain sensitive content:
The system Google Adsense have certain filters to protect advertisers from their ads on pages that can be understood is the negative ... Although the nature of your content may not overlap with any points in that category, at the time the emphasis of some sensitive topics on a page can signal to Google's servers Adsense distribution SPA ads to that page.

3) Your account can not be approved or pending.
To determine the status of your application, try logging in at / adsense using the email address and password that you submit the application.

4) Does your site have limited access using a robots.txt to prevent.
If your site is using a robots.txt file, the information collected by Google Adsense can not be blocked for collecting information of your site. On the page that Google Adsense can not crawl or understand the content of the page, the ad SPA can be displayed, you will not receive any incomes from them.

If you want to provide for the collection of information they can access your page, you can do the following:
Just add the following two lines into your robots.txt file

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google *

This change will allow Google's AdSense robots crawl the content of your site and provide you with Google ads relevant to your pages.

For more information on rules of robots, you can: "

5) Your site uses frames.
All the information collected by Google AdSense can not make ads that match the content of your site when the AdSense ad code is placed in a separate frame with the content of your site. It is important to place the ad code on the same frame with the content of your pages for AdSense can deliver ads targeted to the content of your website.

6) ad unit is set to show only image ads:
Stock image ads for your content may be limited at this time, if you choose not to display text ads in an ad unit, Adsense will show PSAs in that unit when not available ads related images. To avoid showing PSA, I recommend that you choose to show the ad text and images.

7) Your site may not have enough content.
It can be on your site does not have enough information to process the information collected by Adsense determine the content of your page. Therefore, they may have difficulty in identifying relevant ads to display on your pages. Note that the information collected by adsense can not derive meaning from:

* The audio and video files (. Wma,. Mpeg,. Mov)
* Mp3 files (. Mp3)
* Images (. Jpeg,. Bmp)
* Movies Macromedia Flash
* Java applications (Java Applets)

In cases like this, you should add more content with other files than the above on your site.

8) There are too many URLs added to the list of filters in your account.
Many times, if you add too many URLs to your filter list, Google Adsense can not advertise the other direction to target to your content. Therefore, you may begin seeing less relevant ads or ads SPA on your site.

9) The content of your site is mostly in a language is not supported:
If the AdSense code is placed on pages with content primarily a language is not supported, SPA ads or ads in another language will appear.

10) your ad code has been modified:
If the AdSense code is a modified manually, such as changing the width or height of the ad unit or your ID, Adsense can display ads on public services

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