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Thứ Tư, 21 tháng 1, 2009

The Future of Web 2.0 in 2009

2009, the site uses Web 2.0 technology such as blogs, wikis and social networking will continue to be common use. While the most of social networking for consumers will wrestle with the search for profit, while in the market of Web 2.0 companies can hinder innovation around these tools.

Network consumer society: development, but still not profitable

Facebook become better and useful for the user end. Design of new services in a clear, easy to use and more. While advertising model society that Facebook is applied may not be firmly in place after this is the explosive growth of the network is still worth congratulations.

There are reasons to believe that Facebook will find a way to make money. But based on what Mark Zuckerberg, the founder cum CEO Facebook, answered in the interview is that this will not happen in 2009.

Twitter still continue to improve, with fewer errors and more reliable. This service promises to continue to attract many of the users in 2009, next to the free technology, consultants, analysts, who work in the field of communications and public relations.

Pen CG Lynch of CIO magazine wrote: "I want to see Facebook make a reasonable proposal to buy back and twitter twitter is hoped will agree. Prospects member networks connected society will have experience using twitter I really do chalk encouraged. While some members of the loyal twitter can object to the development of this but I like that will benefit for many of us. "

LinkedIn 2008 operating relatively im ang space network connecting social and Web 2.0. While the network connection to the society with this job is to earn money and should continue in the new year. With Reid Hoffman, a LinkedIn founder, again as CEO, this service should focus improvement platform available.

The launch of an application platform in 2008 as a start, but it looks like LinkedIn has too careful when only nine applications for it. Therefore, LinkedIn should become xào come over, but at the same time to avoid complacency.

Business 2.0: big fish swallowing cavalry

Market enterprise Web 2.0 (also known as Enterprise 2.0), this is the area of supplier software companies such as Microsoft (with SharePoint) and IBM (Lotus Connections), and a new company Established as Socialtext, Atlassian, NewsGator, MindTouch, Telligent, Jive Software ...

This market is formed by the companies mentioned above through the copy everything useful and attractive in the field of Web 2.0 by consumers and make it into the tool can be used in business. The problem is the new company was established in the will to face a market is quite fragile in the coming time. Technology spending will almost rising, even Lose reduction.

The director of information technology in traditional trust IBM and Microsoft can continue to keep this faith, even when they can pay more money for the company this time they have less money to spend than.

This is not good for business use, if anyone who would like to safety by purchasing IBM and Microsoft. Meanwhile, with access to fund venture capital becomes more difficult, there are reasons to believe that some 2.0 new business will fail or encounter difficulties in the business in 2009. When this happens, they will be forced to close or IBM or Microsoft acquisition.

This may impact both good and bad. The one hand, it will make the market less Deleting and more noise. The number of companies do not understand their products for sale at the trade exhibition will be reduced, and the choices for enterprise customers will become better.

Some people believe that a period of degradation similar to what we are facing is really the best time for the development of something, and it forced us to do more with less resources than.

However, CG Lynch believes that the development need to bother to many ideas, not about who will be paying bills or salaries to employees how. If the trend dismiss employees in Silicon Valley still continues as what occurred recently, the Web 2.0 companies will be more worried about the activities and existence of their development is more creative in 2009

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