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Thứ Sáu, 9 tháng 1, 2009

Controlling the level of web traffic

The volume of traffic a website is a measure of hearing about the popular website that. By statistical visitors, can see the deficiencies of a website and improving it. They can increase (or in some cases can reduce) the level of popularity of a website and the number of visitors - that is to increase / decrease traffic.

1. In case of limited access (to reduce traffic to benefit)

In some cases, to protect some areas of the site, we use the password (password), only to allow some who are allowed access to some special.
Some governance forum also often choose to block certain sites on the Web to specify a certain number of traffic is the only, such as setting limits geographical scope has access to, as the election site in an area that such.
There is also the administrator will limit access to the server based on the number of connection (connection) with servers and bandwidth (bandwidth) has cost targets by each connection.

2. In case of increased Web traffic to benefit

Web traffic can be increased by placing it on the Web search engine and ad placement, including the mailing introduced a series, the frame format ads and pop-up ads on the Web that. Web traffic can also be increased by placing the ad on the internet.

If a website is not listed in the first page of a search engine is, the opportunity to find he has continued to decrease significantly (especially if competitors appear other sites first. Very few people suffered ignore the first page, and the percentage of people find acceptable melanjutkan little more. Therefore, to occupy a suitable position on search pages search engine also important as the main site.

There are several ways you can use to increase web traffic to their websites, including - but not only limited in number - created for the common link (Link Popularity); ebook or free gifts or messages are quality, advertising, or ads ....

In other ways to increase traffic on, perhaps the most easy way is to increase popularity for the link. This can be done by contacting the same website as your website and set the link to your website. Another way is to write on the electronic magazine (e-zine) or website to post messages such as free men forums or blogs. Advantage of this is to include the website link in your message, that every time someone clicks the link will generate free traffic to your website. Forms of advertising by image points (pixels ads) on the screen can also increase traffic to you, but often not targeted to the right target customers.

More details in the article "How to control web traffic"

3. Increased traffic a natural.

Web traffic of a website is not through paying for the listed categories of searches are often called natural traffic (Organic traffic). Traffic nature can create or increase due to appear on the website directory (such as Yahoo! And DMOZ), or on search engines (like Google and INKTOMI), or on the guide (as Yellow Pages and guide tours of tourist hotels and restaurants), or on the site has achieved awards.
In most cases, it is best to increase web traffic by registering with a search engine major. If only registered not only ensure increased traffic, as search engines work on the principles of increased traffic from (crawler) for the website is registered. The crawler type programs are also called "spider" (spider) or "robots" (robots). Crawlers will start from the home page of website registration, then follow the link in the links page to find it to see the list to search the site immediately. Crawlers will begin collecting information on this page and save, then indexed in the database of searches. In any case, the search engine will index the address of the page URL and title of the page. Most cases of the index by the header of the site (also called a meta tag) and a limited text that's page. When people use search engines to find a word or a question that the search engine will control the database that it can then display the results, usually arranged depending on the order of Thuột Sorted by search engine (search engine algorithms).

Normally, the natural results are best achieved most cú click from Web users. Some research shows that these results accounted for 5% to 10% of the click. Each series will receive results from 30% to 60% of the click of times before. This shows that the appearance in the top group is quite important. Some companies marketing business on the search engine. However, now the manager of the website to find the company on this one, but they often have too little real understanding how to achieve results. And even with the pay-per-click, marketing through the search engine is usually paid monthly or annually, and most of the company-owned search engine will not promise any specific results What to pay for them.
By a web of information giant, the crawlers must update the index daily, weekly and monthly all pages that it finds thay.Chang such as Google, to the end of 2004 index more than 8 billion pages. Whether to have hundreds, even thousands of servers in operation to work spider, the re-indexing still time. Therefore, some has been updated on a website will not appear immediately implement the search by the search engine.

4. Increase ad paid

Dozens of pop-up ads on the screen
Wishing to pay less money but quickly return on investment, a large number of companies have selected forms of Web ads on their sites popular. Forms of electronic marketing, this (e-marketing) is often fall into the following types:

Banner ads (Banner advertising): The banner appears (Impression banner) sold by each thousand times appear formulate Cost Per Impression (CPM-charged by a thousand times appear). At about 2004, the price ranges from about 1USD/CPM for a normal 50USD/CPM to or over a network targeting business professionals especially.

Form Pay per clicks: The commission will buy advertising keywords (keywords) or by course (keyphrases) by bidding for the ads through. Mechanism known as Pay-per-click will sell excellent position to show up in search results for those who commission advertising to pay the highest price. Google to sell advertising to pay their system through the AdWords and AdSense, and will need to set the site on the ad link funding (sponsored links) on search pages. Overture, currently Yahoo! property, is back to regular advertising pay-per-click.

For Internet users see their banner, some companies choose to form ad "intentionally penetrate" (intrusive) - pop-up ads become particularly common for engaging attention. However, most users are used to po-up the troubles and some companies have provided software to prevent pop-ups. Microsoft has always integrated the pop-up blocker in Service Pack 2 version of Windows XP.

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