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Chủ Nhật, 4 tháng 1, 2009

Top 20 network service society in 2008

According to published estimates by comScore results in 11 months, the private Blogger, blog platforms renowned Google has ranked top of the list with the number record 222 million users visit, up 44% compared with the same time 2007. Facebook for military figures with an impressive 200 million visitors, up 116%. A note on the statistics of Facebook, the number of users regularly use the service up to 140 million.

Service network society largest United States is the destination of MySpace in position number three with 126 million visitors. Platform Wordpress blogs in this new position next with 114 million, up 68%. The child is Microsoft's Windows Live Spaces decreased 22%, only 87 million visitors.

According to statistics of the comScore's list includes the "network society" but has a platform with the blog site network services in accordance with social meaning. The amount of blog users is still tend to continue to increase and social networking site Facebook has been making use of this time to "Variation" become a social network combined with services and blog content other multimedia to attract users.

Of the top 20 social networking site of the comScore statistics, Yahoo accounts for any two position 6 and 7 (Flickr photo service store). Only 1 single page it is Baidu in China. Is surprisingly sharing service Scribd documents are assigned to this list to 16th position with 24 million visitors

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