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Chủ Nhật, 15 tháng 2, 2009

15 tips for building link the new website.

The new Websites need to attract more links to attention by the search engine. The links to a new Website will help this Website by the SE index, thereby helping to increase rank it lower position from the initial to a higher position.

Here is the procedure to build the link options, ensure to receive free links from other Websites and have developed. Of this procedure completely different from the development strategy the content Websites - a strategy to gradually attract editorial links. The procedure to build this link focus more on placing links to the target or also known as the "insert link".

1. Submit your site to Web Directories. This is an application process for most điệu we must submit it by hand, but if you take the time to it, your site can attract hundreds of Backlinks. You can use the list of web directories here.

2. Submit the press release to PR sites. A press release about the launch of your Web son should be to submit multiple Websites PR, these Websites will send press releases to many of your news channels online different. This is a great way to attract free links. The world has 2 pages PR is quite popular and PRLeap PRWEB.

3. Create connections through with similar pages. For creating new pages gradually have high relevance is important, it helps you not only attract but also link traffic. No one get the help of back links (reciprocal links) but you also should not abuse it. You can find link partners by sending mail directly to them or find on forums such as Webmaster

4. Create Squidoo lenses page. You can create a Squidoo lens easily. The homepage of Squidoo lens and follow the steps of it, you only take about 15 minutes to create a Squidoo lens. With this page, you can insert a series of Anchor text links to your website with the rich. Hubpages is another similar site you can use.
5. Register title. Create a short title on the topic of your attractions and register it with the title for a backlink and some traffic. You can attract more links than if your title is posted on other Websites. Here is a list of the folder titles are ranked by Alexa and PageRank.

6. Create profiles information society. Social Media Profiles. There are many social networking online allows you to insert 1 connect to your site on a profile page. Register your account at a site like, choose the best name and avatar coincides with the brand name of the website. This can be very useful when you decide to develop your site through social networks in the future.

7. Use Social Bookmarking: Make sure the social Websites like Netscape or Digg will always be search engines to crawl, and the connection they will be easy to index.

8. Signature forum. Register at the forum and create a signature for that account, the signature must be linked to the home page or pages within your Website. Then you should make the topic attractive and contribute writing, discussions on the forum. After you have created is impressive, other members will know the signature and more important is your site.

9. Create a Widget interface or good. You should hire a designer to the acceptance of consulting and design for an interface related to a particular society is a popular site. This helps you attract the quality link to your page.

10. Create blogs so other blog platforms. In addition to using existing blog, you should set up more blogs on the network as other blog, Blogger and Xanga. Link them to specific pages on your website.

11. Write comments on other blogs. First make comments on the popular page and pages related to your website. Do not comment spam style to appeal to a link that should focus building relationships with the other blogger. Write the good comments, try to avoid abuse of the keyword or the signature link to your website. After 10 steps above, your problem now is to create a brand name and not a spam.

12. Post messages on other blogs. Like the title and press releases, you should post the message quality of your site on other blogs (note to create a connection). This is a great way to attract relevant traffic and link.

13. Organized contests. Some Websites usually offer the auction to attract Anchor text links from bloggers. For example, the iPhone giveaway page on Gary Lee.

14. The project supports cooperation. You should build relations support, cooperation with potential partners. Exchange links with their page will help you get a backlink certain.

15. Share experiences. If implementation of this step, your website will soon achieve a new position 1. Possible applications to this step, you must have a certain skill such as Web design, writing, advertising, translation or SEO. Please share your experience, the knowledge of your Website to the other, offering tips to help optimize the Website that ... This will get you trust the brand name from other webmasters.

A list of tips on just a few methods I use to build links for the new Websites. After achieving a number of links, I focus on developing content Website with hopes to increase the number of fast reading.

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