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Thứ Hai, 16 tháng 2, 2009

Using Youtube to increase traffic for your site/blog

First 1: Youtube has started from zero to the number 4000000000 visitors monthly within 3 months less. And it is straight on the road assert themselves through traffic every day to amazing levels.
First 2: In 2006, Youtube has earned awards "invention of" a convinced the Times magazine.
First 3: Youtube is now in top 5 sites with the property value highest in the world.
First 4: Youtube allows slideshow of videos from hundreds and thousands of members, and also contributed to build reputation for many people.
First 5: And to get the impression - more than 75,000 new videos uploaded each day (you absolutely must recognize this)
First 6: Finally, but no less important - Youtube service to 2 million clicks per day.
This means something when you are a Marketer or a business network? it is simply a block huge traffic flow to your site once you really know how to use Youtube as an effective tool to attract visitors to our site will also. They talk about different ways to use Youtube to attract huge amount of views for your web site in a short time.
But first, we must determine, "What contributed to creating a video or Youtube?"
If you notice, will easily recognize that many videos on youtube are created from the hand of balance. They often are not the video recording professionals.
But if so then what to make Youtube travel book can be so?
The video is not really professional, and are in a "raw", not through processing the items, but it very, very real. Sometimes, because of "real" is that the video becomes much more interesting time, although they are not really perfect.
Back to respond to the questions we ask, be building strategies
Youtube Strategy 1 - You should make only short video. Do not be extended Dutch it, simply because everyone who is busy and usually only search for the video a "recreational immediately. Not too long 3 or 4 minutes.
Youtube Strategy 2 - Then to the URL of the site at the video as a logo for people to easily see them.
Youtube Strategy 3 - Next, this is really IMPORTANT: Please think of some way to disseminate your videos. Every look that view, people on Youtube have always Psychology: "If I do a video like that, I will send it to you by yourself."
Therefore, make sure that you want the videos will have one, some or all of the features this:
Some videos that I often find very fun. People who also love to laugh with. The video makes people laugh. So if your videos is really fun, it will be humorous and very people may want to transfer to the hands of their friends this video.
• Some things really mysterious.
• Some things really shock.
• Some very harsh things .
• Some things Bureau (again emphasize this). People still feel like the media circulate this category.
• Some sexy things (you can skip this star?)
• some things private, may be questions from your own.
I'm Italian, there are many things you must do! Youtube is really cracking of text containing the number of hidden potential to unbelievable. I suggest you should first expand brain and at least should also consider whether you can do some things (to consider, once again, the videos do not need to be perfect) to mark the video for their .
Furthermore, most of this feature have to be very common in them

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