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Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 2, 2009

Business social network

Virtual social network is considered to be a bridge effective and less costly between businesses and customers in the economic difficulties.

Tools business performance
According to the statistics of IDC, many companies worldwide have used Facebook to create network clients (both potential and existing customers) and mount them together, creating a unified collective.
Facebook provides many useful tools to help users can play video and help entrepreneurs can send direct marketing messages to customers.
One of the greatest benefits when using social networks like Facebook for business is a "spread effect" similar to the type of virus. Once someone becomes "fan" of you, they will automatically send messages to your friends list to talk about services or products your company. And so, social networking has become the channel access extremely convenient and fast between businesses and customers.
The typical effective use Facebook for work not less. You just look at how Microsoft or U.S. Obama used the power of social networks that view.
They have been very successful in attracting the attention of tens of thousands of "fan" fans, to shade names and advertise the brand, and finally achieve the success of the strategy.
Even if the business does not require you to pursue strategic social network you can still use the power of this approach to find customers and provide service to customers at yes.
Especially, if the business model are not large, investment costs, the limited social network is solutions marketing the most effective, most economical, while still ensuring effective.
One of the most concern when using social network that is difficult to ensure the privacy. Personal information such as name, address, contact, position ... not engaged in promoting. However, there is the risk of road personal information, if comments by principle, no information on the network 100% safe.
Therefore, right from the start when creating your profile on social network, you need to determine what was the personal importance that you do not want to disclose, and where information is broadcast as many people need to know to.

The social network for business
* Facebook: The only way to reach the social network you are involved in themselves to understand the mechanism of their activities. Please use Friend Finder to find friends have Facebook accounts.
Please participate in some group that can learn how people communicate with each other through social networking. Please upload some video clips and messages appealing for people to respond. And you will see Facebook is a great tool for promotion and marketing of their business.
* MySpace: Although MySpace users are usually of the artists and young people but it gives you more experience promoting their business online.
* LinkedIn: Most par as "Facebook's business", LinkedIn allows you to connect smoothly with the entrepreneurs have the same interests and industry business with you.
* Twitter: As a "sub-blog, twitter type only allows a maximum 160 characters in the comment section. Although it seems uncomfortable, but twitter is becoming a trend quite "hot" and many people are interested. Get familiar with twitter also means that you reach more people like the new trend.
* Workbench is a perfect example for the network business and personal, Workbench is forecast to become a blog of business in the future. Why not reduce some time to research them nhỉ?
* StumbleUpon: Social Network allows you to build community based on the popular website. If you join as many communities the people know you as larger.
* Ning: Social Network allows you to create a community to rank and rate of their business.
* Digg It: Digg users to vote (vote) for the website content that they think is most important. Therefore, Digg will help you track all the important events of the world's business is taking place.
Social network of many factors that method of advertising, business, other traditions have not. Those named as Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn ... have become familiar in the era of Web 2.0 that people are often referred to as a place of many young people the most.
They also acknowledged as a tool to search for new customers, serve existing customers, and is a tool to create profits.
Social network is the path off to promote brand, service providers faster and more efficient, and is a high-level marketing.
Become part of the social network will help create connections to partners and customers can find information see the products and services you have to meet their needs or not.

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