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Thứ Bảy, 21 tháng 2, 2009

10 SEO tricks to increase the frequency of search

Frequency of visits of high search on your website is a sign of good indicators of websites in search. This first step is important in optimizing Website to search. This article will give you 10 SEO tricks to increase the frequency of searches on your website.
The search of Google's Website visit is a sign for the Website in the search index it regularly, this is the first step in ranking high on the ranking of search results. However, the search only visit often and deeply on the Website of your Website when it is considered important and valuable.
Note that you can not force Googlebot visits your site regularly, but you can find each set find visit. Here are 10 tips you can apply to increase the frequency of access of search (eg Googlebot or Yahoo Slurp)
10 SEO tips to improve the frequency of search

Here are 10 tips for SEO you can improve the frequency of visiting the Website Search:
1. Update content regularly (and ping Google after each update). Try to create unique content often and regularly (3 times a week if possible if you can not update every day and find the update frequency optimization);
2. Ensure that the proper operation: See statistics Google Webmaster tools for the error page. In addition there are 2 tools you can try to find errors: Pingdom and;
3. Improve page load time (page load time): Note that the search work with you to a period. If it must use the time to index a large number of images or PDFs documents it will take less time to visit other sites;
4. Check the map: Make sure no duplicate content on the Website through a link URL. again, if Googlebot đánh time the pages duplicate content then it certainly will not have time to visit another site;
5. Have more links pointing to (backlink) from the Website of the search to visit regularly;
6. Adjust frequency đánh of the search in Google Webmaster Tools - Tools for Google Web management;
7. Add Sitemap Sitemap. Theoretically Sitemap will help the search quickly identify the structure, content and website from which it may well the entire website. However there are also a Webmaster to notice that the frequency of the search necessarily decrease after adding Sitemap recommendations and they should not use the Sitemap. This is the debate is quite exciting forum on Webmaster;
8. Ensuring that the Web server returns the HTTP Header Status exactly. And you have created a 404 page error in individual cases not find the file or folder on the Website. The Http Header is the returns exactly help the search to understand what is going on and that is to explain clearly the best to search in case of error;
9. Use your card title and card Meta tags (eg keywords or description) for each unique URL of the Website.
10. Tracking frequency of Googlebot search to determine the interest in it and the problems occur if

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