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Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 2, 2009

Pay Per Post and changes

Pay Per Post has a network prestige and number of clients as well as the advertiser to the top bloggers in Paid Blogging. Your search has a lot from it, however the number of advertiser has significantly decreased since the U.S. economy into degradation. That is why the advertisers also want to reduce the cost of message which has a minimum of 5$/article.

The previous situation, Pay Per Post has quickly offer new features, which are the opportunities for new blogger:

You Link in the article (Posts Link Only):

Advertisers can create the opportunities and requirements set only 1 link, without writing about them. You can post as usual and insert a link of the ad and receive money. No need to take the raw write an article about the ad that exists.

The increase of 1 (More Opps Per Day):

Previously, you only write a maximum of 3 opportunities daily and alternatives between the posts with regular articles pay but now you can write to 7 opportunities per day. In that, you are 3 items and 4 insert link.

Request for Temporary On writing (Interim Post Requirement):

Previously, you need to take a period of time after participating in this network are writing. Now the rules have been removed.

Price Reduced minimum 1 message (New Minimum Pricing):

Previously, the minimum price the advertiser to set a message is $ 5, however the price has now more then other and the lowest may be $ .50 and when you earn $ 1 will be paid via PayPal instead for $ 20 as before. More articles on PayPal for more details.
Themselves would also note that the form of Paid Blogging Network is the best way make money without being scared off the click and Google Adsense sure eat more affiliate networks or PPC. However, because of Paid Blogging sometimes the home of writer and pressure regulated by the advertiser should have the information is incorrect as the actual Google should hate and punishment that your PageRank.

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