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Thứ Sáu, 6 tháng 2, 2009

The payment by review

Here are some of the prestige and not scam but require that you have a blog in English and must have a blog ranking and post by you.

1. PayPerPost: This can be considered as program participants of the largest now, opportunities are always attractive in all different genres. Since the participants themselves never see all the opportunities. However, Google hate PPP currency even when punished by lower PR of many blogs to join it. Moreover, to participate in writing and have the opportunity, your blog must have a PR lowest 1 million. If PR = 0, you must be a registered address in the U.S. have many new opportunities to participate in writing. The program is paid quickly and pay by Paypal nhé.
2. SponsoredReviews: This program is paid by messages like PPP, but slightly different in that you must Bid opportunities are and wait for advertisers to accept the new writing, and they share percentage is 65 -- 25 (you receive 65% and 25% received SponsoredReviews). Opportunities are many and sometimes more hownb both PPP and how to pay when the $ 500 / Maximum review. The advantage of Google it is not hate this month with the PPP and advertisers sometimes not interested in PR that are interested in alexa.
3. Blogvertise: This program is your drug it because it gives you a lot of money from the participants. Moreover it is easy to register, payment is on time and pay the message, advertisers can also purchase the link, banner on your blog there. Opportunities but also many high as $ 20 / review. Latest being that strict.
4. Smorty: This program is also quite popular. Although invited to be almost a month and is written with 3 items, but pay the quicker the page above. Not the time to pay as other sites that the advertiser accepts messages that they are paying now. The advantage of this program is that it is piloting a format Digxa ads - a similar or Chitika Shopzilla. You can put the code on the blog and the product and they pay by click. Programs are still running the Beta, only members can participate.
5. ReviewMe: The site's reputation and can say it the first in this field. This page requires slightly higher pay but also kind of high now. The reputation as blogger John Chow is using the services of ReviewMe and you must pay at least $ 500 to John Chow write about your blog that :-)

These are 5 of the thousands of paying the posts - which I paid review is involved. Each program has strong and weak points different. Depending on your preferences on strengths, weaknesses that you decided to join the trinhfd any nhé. His only recommend that if you join be sure to know English and your blog must be in English as well as blog ranking (PR) must be higher than 1 + the new opportunities for more money from this program . Moreover, the message quickly approved the content that you write to, only and not copied from another site. Remember to read the requirements of donors to help flog

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Sherlockindo nói...

Good article! :)

However, my blog's PR is still 0...

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