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Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 2, 2009

Six step online advertising

In terms of efficiency and categorized, online ads bring business opportunities to advertise products to potential customers a better selection and with a level of cost suitably than production product ads.
To implement and manage a good campaign ad online, you should plan by 6 steps:
Step 1: Identify target
Company conduct ad for purpose? Promote the image? Introduction of new products? Increase sales ... When determining the objective, all activities in the campaign will aim to achieve it. With the campaign "a long-term", or define goals in both short and long term to ease management and evaluation more effective.
Step 2: Plan
This step is vital for an ad campaign successful. Plan as detailed, as management effectiveness. The criteria should be specified in the plan include the message and the object receiving advertising, budget, time to run campaigns and desired effect obtained after the campaign.
Step 3: Select ad format
There are many forms of online advertising to choose (Banner, Text link, Inline-text, Rich Media, ...). Each form of advertising has advantages, unadvantages different, select the form of ads based on the goals set for the campaign. Some criteria to consider when choosing the form of online advertising is the ability to classify subjects receiving advertising, the rate of CTR (Click-through rate: Rate click advertising messages on the total number of ad it appears) and costs.
Ability to classify objects to the best of forms of ads based on keywords (and Inline Text link-text). Do ads appear depends on the keywords should be selected ad content usually close to the needs of visitors more. Moreover, by Inline Text and link-text is a form of affiliate advertising, profit sharing (Advertising Affiliate) in which the service provider advertising a role between the advertising messages can to be shown on a number of relatively large sites as well as forum or blog.
Of the CTR, you can refer to the statistical report performance by service providers or the market research provided. CTR is as high often with advertising messages more effectively. This is just a quite sensitive because it depends on many factors: product ads, website ads, time, keyword, ...
On the advertising costs, most of the service providers are based on one of the following:
• fixed costs: The cost of advertising time ads (weekly or monthly). This charge more show less efficient and less customers are welcome. At the world, few online advertising applied this property in Vietnam, but this is still quite popular, especially with banner ads.
• CPM (Cost per thousand Impression): This is how the cost based on the number of times an ad appears. This is the cost effective than with how the fixed costs because it based on the number of readers active to advertising messages.
• CPC (Cost per Click): This is the form is quite popular because it is the mediation between the interests of the buyer and sell advertising. Ad buyers benefit because only pay when people click on your ad text, but costs 1 times quite often click and click the Author to make money not been resolved thoroughly to.
• CPA (Cost per Action): No exploit the advertising services in Vietnam any applicable costs in this way. Pay for the actions of the next customer (such as placing purchase orders, account registration, ...) is the cost effective purchase for the ad but can only apply when e-commerce really development.
Step 4: signal contract of ads
Current trends of the market of online advertising in the worlds is the formation of the service provider advertising medium instead of the website owners have to exploit the ads on your site. Selected service provider of online advertising professionals for their campaign means that you will be consulted and better care. Besides, with the high-value or the long run ads, do not ignore the negotiations on the price (usually always have the discount from 5% to 20% for this type of contract) .
Step 5: Monitor and evaluate effectiveness
Flexibility is the outstanding advantage of online advertising. Changing the content messages and the date and time the ad runs are conducted very quickly and conveniently. Many forms of advertising also appears to allow the purchase of ad tracking and campaign management directly on individual accounts.
For most of the other forms, the ad buy will provide the basic parameters related to the show, and click IP. If not provide the support services statistics on this data, you can use the free service by Google Analytics update the table detailed statistics on the number of guests have visited website.
Step 6: Report of Results
Based on the data already, the sum and report on the effectiveness of the campaign becomes fairly simple. The data allow evaluation of the initial level of complete objectives before the campaign, which maintain or adjust the criteria for the next campaign will achieve higher efficiency.
The birth of the Internet open to business opportunities new business. Along with the series is the gadget has been upgraded to the maximum service business, serving the community best. Use what effective online advertising offers for you to become a leader, at least in areas that you are participating.

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