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Chủ Nhật, 1 tháng 3, 2009

7 steps to increase the speed of Google's index webiste

Most SEO experts recommend that you have 1 site to buy old domain to the Google assessment higher than the Index and easy, but if you start to create 1 new website it? Usually you will take several weeks for your site is the search for google den.Tuy know that the follow the following steps will help save you quite a long time to index the site (only after about 24h).
1 / Create 5 page content in the site: Do not leave your site "under construction" (site is in the process of construction) create 1 page with some actual content.
2 / Create internal link between the pages.
Use a template to manage content through menu.Neu you please make sure the simple it can not make it too complicated and demand period. You remember the link 2, 3 page (link depth)
3 / Place your site on Social Bookmark Sites: You only take a few minutes to create an account and post your site on bookmark this site. This helps the search links search your site more easily. Bookmark the sites to use are:, BlinkList,, and Furl. You note that when written to the Tag, Tag remember the common and popular.
4 / Post your site on the popular blog (sure to include the link) You find about 5 popular blog site, and the message just written, regularly. You try to comment on it, building stories, and attached link to your website.
5 / Create, raised and ping XML Sitemap: You can create xml free 1 page (see instructions for making sitemap website) then you put this page up to your website then ping it with the google with the following link: http : / / / webmasters / Sitemaps / ping? sitemap = XXXX (XXX change Sitemap link to your site) Then you create an account Google Webmaster Central, and on the Google XML Sitemap. Some open source tend to have component or plugin to create google sitemap automatically added to our catalog as xmap of joomla and google sitemap generator by wordpress ...
6 / Install Google Analytics Install Google Analytics on your site and remember that you confirm the information in GA home for your site.
7 / Create 1 ads by Google to create Google AdWords account and add 1 to the number of ads your site. You just add even just a domain or company name only, without much attention to keyword. Because when you add the google will be sure to visit your site. Just take 1 less money then your site has a lot of little benefit.
With you follow these steps you will find that your site will very quickly be widely disseminated. Their uncertainty in 24h you will be successful, but it is possible. This will shorten the time index from the site a few weeks down only a few days.

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