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Thứ Sáu, 20 tháng 3, 2009

The interesting feature in IE8

This is 7 browser features advanced, new hope that Microsoft will restore the position in the market of Internet Explorer.

Web Slices

Web Slices allow you to update or change as often quoted on the shares, the number of sports information and weather reports. Web Slices retrieve such information from the website compatible with it and provide this information to the Favorites bar to your favorite. Therefore, instead of continuous to the weather reports of a news site is preferred, you only need to set up notifications when there are changes in weather reports.
When some new information has been updated, the Web slice on your Favorites bar will be marked. When you click it, you'll see a preview of the latest information, from which you have the entire site to be more detailed information.
Not all the sites that Web slice, but if they have, the components allow slice of the site will display a green icon when you put your mouse over them. Some popular sites allow Web Slices in IE8 RC1 significant it is to eBay, Digg and Facebook. Microsoft does continue to work with partners to create Web Slices.

Tab Groups

Microsoft has alleged is stealing ideas by browsing the tabs of Firefox, the browser is first launched this feature. However, in IE8, Microsoft has expanded and organized concepts approved by the tab with Tab Groups.
With many tabs are open at the same time, then you are vulnerable at the multiple windows are open it. When the Groups tab will hold the tab in a relationship with each other somehow. For example, the tabs that you open from the same site will be placed next to each other and marked with a different color. The tabs can be closed and transferred as a block.

Button see Compatibility

On the site is not compatible with IE8, images and text will be broken. Compatibility View button in IE8 will allow users to view the site with such a machine can render in IE7. By click the button, text or images are broken will be revised.
Compatibility View button is placed in the right of the address bar bar. Users can maintain a list of the sites for IE8 to be displayed in Compatibility View mode to not click Compatibility View button when visiting the sites.


Designed to provide more options to many web users is immediate, Accelerator icon (the blue arrows) appears whenever you check on any word or phrase in the page. Click the icon and other services related to words or phrases that appear in a list.
For example, if you select the phrase "San Francisco" in a website is, then you can click the icon Accelerator and a list of options related to San Francisco will appear, you have be found on the city map by moving your mouse on the option Maps; can click the option to search and to direct the next search result to San Francisco.
Users can manage and add numerous accelerators. Name can include a few services: All services Windows Live, all the services Google and Yahoo, Share on Facebook, Find on Stumble Upon, Linkedin, YouTube and Wikipedia. The list will include the web services the most popular.

In-Private Browsing

Google Chrome has allowed for anonymous browsing and Microsoft also offer this feature by feature In-Private Browsing in IE8. When you are in the In-Private Browsing, IE will not save data session on your web browser. Temporary Internet Files, Web address history, cookies and password are all disabled.
Link to access the In-Private Browsing is "Tools -> In-Private Browsing" When in this button, a symbol "In-Private" will appear to the left of the URL in the address bar. Mode In-Private Browsing can be take effect by closing the window.

Box Advanced search

Search Box in IE8 to have additional features to search up more flexible. Users can select a service provider search that they want and switch between the options in their search box by click the icon has been added to when a provider search is selected .
Besides Live Search, the service provider of search also present in the search boxes as this includes Yahoo, Google, The New York Times, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia.
Each Web service can display the search results of it. For example, results of Google and Live Search is a list down with simple text link, while Amazon and eBay to list and thumbnail description. YouTube returns to you the video thumbnail.

Address bar smart

Thanh address bar in IE8 Smart switch regions in the URL in a search by classification. If you do it from a bar into the address bar, IE8 will search through the logs of your browser, favorites and feeds to find sites related to what you want to search.
Search results will be based on the title pages as well as keywords in a web address and is divided into three categories: History, favorites and feeds.
This is a feature quite interesting if you want to search for photos, videos, stories that you like but do not remember seeing it was where.
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