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Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 3, 2009

Should companies set up blogs? (Part I)

Before the explosion of personal blogs, many companies now also interested in building your own blog pages. Will it be a right direction? And if the blog set up, the company must do what to achieve the results as expected?
Within a few years, blogs have become a global phenomenon. According to statistical analysis led to Technorati blog, every day is estimated there are about 175,000 new blogs and over 1.6 million blog updates online. At the end of the month 02/2007, Technorati has statistics on the 63.2 million blogs worldwide.
The strong growth was arising a question: whether the companies have little need to build up your blog? The answer is yes, at least to take advantage of a new marketing more effective.
In a recent study led analysis MarketingSherpa, blogs vote is the fourth performance in marketing and attracting new customers.
Like any marketing tool any other blog will be promoting effect if used appropriately. Here are some to propose and ensure the company blog to achieve expected results, as well as helping business people not familiar with blog knowledge base.
A little history of blogs

The word "blog" is derived from the term "web blog". In nature, is a blog site or somewhere on the site offers forms of online information - so has the term "log" - and is an open forum.
Some blogger (the blog set up) upload and update information daily, while others update weekly, monthly or even occasional.
In most cases, the information content of blog often short and may have included more images or link. Blog readers can post their reactions on their blog content. And other readers add their comments, specific conversations will continue.
Called the "blog world" (blogosphere) include all blogs with content related to all topics, all aspects of life. Some blogs exist on the site, individual or business, while other blogs are built from the service provider to create blogs such as Blogger or Windows Live Spaces.

Why you should consider the company to blog?

Besides attracting new customers, the company blog is guaranteed at least the potential benefits:
- Blog allows operation of your business in line with current customers and potential in a way direct, personal and not pressure.
You can transmit the power of products / services, qualification of managers and long experience of the company by way of marketing and traditional advertising can not make be. This will help customers better understanding of your company as well as encouraging loyalty of them.
- From the interactive nature, blogs can help you understand the needs and concerns of customers. You can use the information to develop products / services or new editing products and services current.
- Blogs can make the image of your company become more rich in life and more accessible. A referral site, promote products and services as a marketing tool important. However, a blog is very effective because it give your company a personal voice - this will help you build the loyalty of customers.
- The cost for very small blog. Some sites allow free blog up, while most other sites only collect a minimal fee. Moreover, the construction and update information on the blog is very easy without the professional knowledge.
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