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Thứ Hai, 16 tháng 3, 2009

Tools update all in one

If you only use 1 of the tools above, you can only update 1 or a few social network and still miss many remaining network. So make use of the tools nốt below:
Like ping function in WordPress, page 1 this task: each time you send it to 1 "something", it immediately sent "it" to all social network you choose. 1 Like Balls are many holes đục bin, when you pour water on, water will gush all directions.
The "something" that I should say here that the articles in your feed. But how to send the feed to 1 automatically? Please use TwitterFeed or PingVine I say to above. You have 1 process similar promotion as follows:
New => Update feed => feed TwitterFeed read and sent to => distribute it to every social network remaining.
Potential large, meaning that it allows to update several dozen social network, including network from home as most đám Facebook, MySpace, twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn to Yahoo! 360, Tumblr,, Blogger, ... In general, you can use it to update virtually all popular network.
Special than can update both delicious. The limits of their knowledge, I only know is a unique tool that allows to automatically bookmark delicious. Only unfortunately it is not supported Digg and Stumble Upon.
1 points is fun by makes it 1 tool very effective is that you can update by sending a message through Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk, Email, ... If you use Yahoo! Messenger like me, just send a message to the nick pingdotfm service will automatically update all the networks you choose.

Hellotxt can be considered as brothers sing your song On functions, it is the same as on so I do not kĩ presented. However, this service lost 2 points in
- 1 is no update up capital delicious famous
- 2 is not to update through Yahoo! Messenger, chat tool 1 that we who use a lot. It only allows use GTalk or Jabber, but also is in beta testing.
Read here to ensure you also imagine how to use tools to automatically update your account at social networking. Conditions do not test all the tools in them, and not discover the other automatically, so the message may have many deficiencies, the wishes of your comments and share experiences with me in this issue.
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