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Thứ Bảy, 14 tháng 3, 2009

blog optimizatioṇ (part II)

14. Write often: If you regularly update the Googlebot and the bot will stop at your site more often. If you only sometimes write the google will not stop updating your site again to see it when you actually update again. In addition, you also need to update site regularly if you do not want to lose readers because no one to wait long for your update.

15. Let's read the link love: If you're blogging about a story please link to the stories as a reader comment on this article. Insert link to the article related to your post increase relationships to the blogger and the links to your blog. This is very useful for the development of the blogs you in the future after this.

16. Create unique stories: Write an article that has not said who is better to write about a topic many people have said it will increase competition between the blogger and the more it will make difficulties for the reader in the selection information. They will not be sad to read the information they already know or to have too chán for them.

17. Use Realated post plugin: This is not only to keep the readers in your blog or longer if more articles related to problems they are finding out that it also allows you to bring the old messages are stored very deep inside the blog is brought to readers, it omitted to avoid the old posts have been long forgotten. You can more about this in Wordpress: Option for related articles

18. Buy domain for your own: Do not always think to use the service free hosting forever. If you have built a blog and have been a loyal reader is quite high already. Use your own domain to the profession and ensure that readers will always find you on the results of the search engine. More articles 5 reasons to own a particular domain

19. Optimal structure URL: Do not use permarlink as But please replace it with or /yourpost. Most of the source of this blog does allow you to change the structure permarklink after the match. If you want to ensure that Google will crawl your site a "plummy" then use the structure as the permarlink.

I think blog optimization for search engine is a necessity, you have to do but can not wait for google to your site while still millions of other websites out

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