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Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 4, 2009

Google Insights link advertisers, marketing and user

Google announced a new tool Google Insights for Search, a tool to help the online advertising and marketing to understand the habits of the search.

Recently, Google added a new integrated assessment tool search volume tool keyword evaluation. Google also announced a new Google Trends, Google Hot Trends, Google Trends Websites and Google Ad Planner. And now, Google added a new tool for the search market, advertise online - Google Search Insights.

Google Search Insights will display the following information:

* Compare the volume of the keyword track and compare between them;
* The keywords related to attention and the keyword search for the most;
* Category based top keywords and category based on the keywords most important
* Categories based on the volume of keywords and increase the level of this keyword in its category;
* Tag by geography: countries, cities and locations that keyword search is the most;
* Search can be combined on multiple features.
Same such as Google Trends, Google Insights underground to search for keywords to show how the combination of the keywords. Example keyword search for "promotion" will have more volume "Website promotion" in the "Website promotion" is more than search (by keyword "website promotion", "promote products "is the total volume of search by keyword" promotion ").

For example how you can find Google Insights allows filtering your keyword search by country and category. In the example, the keyword search is "SEO" limited search in the Internet.
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