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Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 4, 2009

Select keywords to top search results.

Select keywords to competitive ranking on search engines is an important decision. If the decision is invalid, a program to tens of days, cost millions will have meaning only as a lesson to draw experience.
Through practical work with clients, the authors noticed the customers choose the right keywords or at least approximate always exciting to continue implementing, expanding exploitation. But most customers choose the right keywords less often immediately reject.
With this document, the authors hope will help individuals, businesses choose the effective keywords, keep the main inspiration for electronic commerce.
Potential customers or your use keywords to find the products and services that your website provides?
* The method is simple to ask you to position your clients. If you sell your refrigerator, you should try to see the need to find a refrigerator to buy the place from which the search window? refrigerator, refrigerator sale, toshiba refrigerator;
* Never choose keywords only transient. After selecting Finish, leave it a few days after the review. This will help you overcome thinking most of the owners.
* You know Han in traditional commerce, customers are always trading characteristics other retail customers. In e-commerce too. For example guests import Handicrafts to use keyword phrase general: Vietnam handicraft, Vietnam handmade, .. they will use the keyword phrase specific specializations. Retail customers or to use the phrase general keywords because most of them have limited knowledge about products and services.
* You can ask people around the selected keywords. For example ask them if they see the need for a refrigerator, they will use any words?
* If you target customers in developed countries, you should choose the keyword phrase more specific. By most subjects was too familiar with the search for products and services over the internet.

Potential customers will use the keywords potential to time?
* If you're trading goods and electronic equipment, use top search results for keywords related to the fan, fridge, making machine, air-conditioned, ... when the summer.
* If your business travel services, you should not target keywords related to Sam Son, Son, holiday, ... the upcoming winter.
* If your business services by wedding, be prepared keywords and top of search results to the wedding season.
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