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Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 4, 2009

The term Web/Blog Promotion

Website promotion with some term:
+ SEO: From the first, many people interested and also be mistaken or is SEO. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization - and conduct a na optimize website for improved web ranking on the search engine. With this concept, many people do business online usually contract it is SEO Promotion website. The truth is not so. SEO is just one of the basic and optional in the process of promoting a website on the search system. SEO for a website, the webmaster have to use some tools such as specific software or tools available on the Net to measure the Title, Keywords, Description, body text, H1, H2, H7 ..., Alt tags, tags, Images, The Robots, Refresh, Topic ,.... numerous and the other specifications. Principles of SEO to a website is to do everything to each site and the website run faster, less error than technical, in the light source than, less than script and in particular: No system is error search for a technical Cloaking - Technical deceive the search engine.

+ SES - Search Engine Submission: Register on website search engine. This term is also very interested because this is a simple and quick to help a new website was created may be listed in the directory of search engine. To do this, the webmaster often use many different ways, but secondary goals are 2 main ways:
- Auto-registration: The webmaster form generally use a software for SES as AddWeb Promoter, Hello Search Engines, Dynamic Submission, ... website to sign up to a series of search engine. Many webmasters are very proud with this type of software that when you have registered your website (and customer) in the thousands - even millions of "search engine" only with a few clicks of times -- and software will change entirely. The facts are so simple? Get Google, Yahoo and MSN as an example: To sign up to have 3 machines, you must do the work: enter security code (for Google and MSN) or logging in to your account (if registered Yahoo). This is the only new people do - not have a software capable to change. Not all, currently have 3 in this market makes the search of the island with: Google + Yahoo + MSN account for approximately 85% of the search world. In addition, Search Engine such as AOL (use Google results), AltaVista, Alltheweb, INKTOMI (using Yahoo's results), Ask / Teoma, Lycos, HotBot Dogpile and about 14.5% market share is again. So to "thousands", a "million" "search engine" is the only market share approximately 0.5%!
- Sign up manually: This is how the right and necessary to your website soon be recognized on the search system.

+ Keywords: Keywords - words that the webmaster or site owner is important for your website. Often, each site is selected from the menu or phrase from each course. For example, sites on the tour since travel, tours, ... entertainment website of the words: music, movies, entertainment, music, ca sy, a color, fashion, ... is often selected as keywords. First time, the keyword is vital for a site. But now with new art from the search engine keywords is only the role of second.

+ Link Back - Link Popularity: The common link. A website is valued at Google or Yahoo as it has many links from other websites to. However, not many have any links as well as many links completely meaningless because if you link to a website is listed in black list (black list for using technology spamming) or a website too few people visited or incorrect topics that the benefit to harm. Your site can be evaluated as "in the same boat" with other websites and such, the risk of your website rớt class is very large.

+ Ranking, PageRank: With ranking, Alexa makes the reputation for absolute accuracy and reliability. Have a website rank high Alexa ranking means the website that many people know, many people visited and it can easily be found with top position on the search system. PageRank is a tool that counts the number of a link back any website. if your site has high PageRank is also means the site is visited more than ask visitors to click directly link (or banner, logo) to your website and search system also welcome you with more .

+ Search Engine: The search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, ... The search engine uses a software called robots, or Spider, Crawler, or Bot or to automatically index and index all websites on the way they "get through. Then, the information is sent to Data Center's search engine for handling, refinement, classification and put into storage. When a user needs to find an internet content, they will tag it and duties of the search engine to find the time on its list of relevant results (was indexed before). This work has been carried out completely automatically and order priorities different for each different site. The well site, rich content (such as electronic page report, the big blog, forum members agree) will index more often. Therefore, search results are usually fresh for the big site.

+ Internet Directory: This directory is the same as the type of internet page of the Vietnam Gold. The folder contains a lot of websites for each category, each of different topics. Unlike search engine - directory of internet does not work automatically but usually by the administrator update information through the registered owner of the website sent. If your website is represented in many categories, the internet ranking, PageRank and placement on the search engine is also higher.

+ SEM: Search Engine Marketing. That is what the website managers and business online aim. SEM is a combination of all of the above, including website optimization, site registration system to search folders and internet, set to link to other sites (including the purchase link by placing the logo, banner ads) and many more jobs to help websites become more friendly to search engine ranking for keywords in the website has been improved, many websites have access count more.
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