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Thứ Sáu, 15 tháng 5, 2009

7 secrets web design / blog to help your money effectively

If the message and your content website / blog to attract readers and viewers and feel of the AdSense ads relevant to them, they will click to see more. Whenever someone clicks on AdSense ads on your site / blog / group / forum, you will be paying Google AdSense! The more visitors clicking on ads you will earn more money.

1: Keyword Density
Before you place ads on web / blog / group / forum, you need to ensure that the density of your keywords as possible. Moreover, you also want the ads on the web / blog / group / forum will be suitable for the content that you transmit to. A free tool to determine shape of the ads on your site / blog / group / forum you look like, you can check at the following website: and your keywords into the search box at the top to check. After type keywords, you can know exactly which ads will appear on the website / blog / group / your forum.
If you do not like what you see, you know that you have to adjust your keywords! You can refer to when the search with this tool.

2: convergence
The ads appear not only based on your keywords that it also depends on the content posted on the website / blog / group / forum you again. And make sure you also want your keywords and content as relevant as possible.

3: Always write
The more information you posted on the web / blog / group / forum as possible. Why not? By you have more content, the number of visitors will increase. Many people who prepare and recommend that you write every day because no one want to return to website / blog / group / forum to see your information are too old and outdated techniques!

4: Select the format appropriate ad
Adsense allows you to select ad formats vary in accordance with the position you put the ads. Recent study shows that ads will be more and more great performance in the popular format of 3 follows:
"336 × 280 Rectangle large
"300 × 250 Rectangle average
"160 × 600 image from wide
In addition, the format 468 × 15 (ad is by now) is just below the Toolbar navigation is for a method effectively.

5: Color matched to its web / blog
You have many options for decorating colors for the ads Google AdSense account. But the best is that you should create a text ad with many colors mixed with the same color of web / blog. You should also create a border color and background color same as color and border on web / blog. Moreover, the color of the text ad or use a black color or font the same color of your website / blog.
After creating the text ads and the like, experts also recommend the use of gam and color design of web / blog to create a harmonious blend. Ads without background color and border seem more effective than ads in the border and background color.

6: ad placement performance
We all agree together that the visitor to web / blog / group / forum you want to find out whether it is not worth reading. You want to make sure people have access to view the AdSense ads and click on it, correct? Therefore, the position to place the ad should be right on or just below Subject own site / blog.

7: Increase the chance to make money ...
AdSense allows you to use up to 3 ads on a page (site / blog may have hundreds / thousands of pages) and should set the two search engine and the AdSense text ads / images / video. Use all will help you increase your opportunities to earn more money.
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